MLP: ER – Family Appreciation Day

I must issue an apology.  I totally had this show wrong.

See, around Christmas time, my good pal Asahel loaned me his Game of Thrones season 1.  While the dvd packaging was offensive (seriously, 2 episodes per disk for a 10 episode season??) it wasn’t that bad of a show.

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, is obviously a remake of that story.

Princess Celestia is obviously Daenerys with Canterlot being the faraway land.  Their hair/fur is both white.  Celestia, being the master of the sun is clearly immune to fire and we’ve seen multiple times her mastery of dragons. (we’ll set aside “mount the world” jokes for now)

Ponyville is King’s Landing, a place where all the politics happens. That would make Fluttershy Baelish – the scheming one who is preparing for that moment she can take over.  That would make Applejack Tyrion – the voice of reason and lover of life who always pays her debts.  Twilight is Sean Bean (with a longer lifespan), the one with a code who has been forced to leave her home and finds herself out of her element.  Of course I don’t need to spell out the rest of the parallels as it is obvious to those who have watched both.

This episode we learn that Granny Smith is like the old men stationed on the Wall (all of them).  She’s been around since the beginning, taken to the edge of the Everfree Forest so that her and her family could build a bulwark against it’s dark forces of freedom.  Only this episode it’s not winter that is coming, but zap apples.

OR this is just a fun character piece with a bit of “stick with your family” and “don’t judge too quickly” added in.  The ending bit of Filthy Rich being perturbed at his daughter potentially offending his best supplier just makes me smile every time.  It’s nice to see characters like him and Silver Spoon get these little shades of nuance as too often media paints the rich as de-facto-villains. (not that I believe rich people are better or anything silly like that, just that they are people with flaws and good points like the rest of us)

Also, being that my family can be a lot like the Applejack’s herd, I did have a soft spot for the touch of “we built this place with hard work and gumption”.  Finally, it was nice to see even the characters acknowledge that magic can, at times, make no sense at all.

A fun episode that, with Spike’s previous, does make up for two mediocre ones.


2 thoughts on “MLP: ER – Family Appreciation Day

  1. “Of course I don’t need to spell out the rest of the parallels as it is obvious to those who have watched both.”

    Ah yes, clearly.

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