MLP: ER – Secret of My Excess

Today, we see the true wisdom of glorious leader Celestia.  A reading from her glorious word:

We fought the dragons, but they were so many and so powerful.  Finally, the only way we could beat them was to take their stuff and distribute it to all.  Only then were they reduced and our soldiers triumphant.

It is folly for any pony to own anything.  For what is owned can be taken.  And what is taken gives growth to dragons.  Only by abandoning such bourgeoisie concepts as “property” can we properly defeat a dragon.  (indeed, what dragon do you struggle with today?)  Celestia is seeing to her subject’s well-being in the best manner.  It is all for their own good.

OR it’s really all about… um… hm…

Actually it’s kind of hard not to see this episode as a condemnation of consumer culture (like every OTHER tv show, movie or song).  Which does get tiring because… well I’ve never really met anyone who denies that friends and family are the most important thing.  It really is preaching to the choir and gets repetitive.

Oh I know!  This episode was really a real world application of the biblical instruction “store up for yourselves treasures in heaven”.  Because who wants to be a massive, powerful, fire-breating dragon…

Hey did you know today’s my birthday…


(actually, it’s not, and I gave this +1 because I like Spike and dragons so much – but objectively it’s more of a 2.5 or 3)


2 thoughts on “MLP: ER – Secret of My Excess

  1. I figured that it didn’t really work as a “lesson” episode, beyond “don’t be greedy,” so it’s more a bit of cool world-building that explains why you never see huge dragons with no treasure or tiny dragons with big loot.

    Also, very adorable character development for Spike and Rarity.

    “Being a greedy demanding twit is bad” is a lecture I can accept, with a good story. ;^p

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