Episode Review – Torn & Frayed

I’m torn.  Only way to do a review?  Pros & Cons!


  • We got to see Alfie again!  Even if the poor guy is having a really bad day.  I would have liked to seen more from him.
  • We got to see Kevin again!  Dude’s growing a respectful beard there.  I hope by season end he’s rocking a real Elijah look.
  • A conclusion to Sam’s stupid story with what’s-her-name.
  • Bad-ass action from the brothers.
  • Mark Sheppard guest starring.
  • Castiel did a genuinely good deed!  Remember those days when our characters did good for goodness sake?


  • Of course since we enjoy seeing Alfie, he had to die. (maybe for the best, we might have grown to hate him otherwise)  Still, that had to be the WORST death ever.
  • Gee, there’s an angel tablet?  Who could have predicted that!  Wait – I did.  Which doesn’t make a lot of sense in the show.  Even though the angels are just a bit dickish, even uncaring from our perspective, I never thought they were quite as evil as the demons were.  In season 4 & 5 their goal of bringing down Satan in… well it’s debatable how evil that was.  In season 6, they were just bored.  I’m just not thrilled that the angels look to become the 2d villains the demons and leviathan are.  The revelations about Naomi look set to do just that.
  • It’s not that I’m sad to see Benny go (I guess both brothers had to say goodbye to their “new loves”) but… why?  If you’re fighting the forces of hell to defeat them once and for all, why not recruit a vampire to help out?  Think Benny would have been helpful at the warehouse? (and we could have answered the question: what happens if a vampire drinks demon blood?)  I get tired of the brothers throwing away potential allies without even a tiny fig-leaf of explanation.
  • Did this episode not feel like more of a mid-season finale than the previous one?  I mean, this is the show that, in season 5, right before their holiday break they had the episode end WITH SATAN BEING SHOT IN THE FACE!  Citizen Fang wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t great or important enough to be a break episode.  This one?  Majorly moving the arc along?  THIS should have been the break episode.
  • We had to watch more with Sam and what’s-her-face.  I mean nothing against the actress (she’s not my type of attractive, but I don’t fault Sam for the looks) but she just does not have the chemistry with Sam to pull off the separation issue like say… Lisa had with Dean.  Heck, if anything I think Sam has more chemistry with the DOG and am actually wondering what’s going on with him.  Now that I would like to see.  The dog riding with the brothers on their hunts.  Maybe they train it to sniff out ghosts or demons.  I dunno, it could be interesting and fun.
  • It is starting to get weird how many kill counts the Winchesters should have from the perspective of the world.  You ever imagined what it might be like for officers to show up at places like the warehouse in this episode and find all of these stabbing victims laying around?

This wasn’t a bad episode by any means just… mediocre.

Still, nice to have the show back.


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