MLP:ER – Sweet & Elite

Ok, another episode requiring shtick retirement.

Part of the problem with this episode is that it follows right behind the Mare-do-well one and… well they’re both the same.  The only differences being Rarity instead of Rainbow Dash, her friends bringing her back to Earth Equestria unintentionally, and a musical number.

And look, I give children’s shows a bit wider berth on continuity between episodes – different genre, not as strict – I get it.  But consider that the previous episode not only featured a call back, but a call back to one of the worst episodes of season 1 (and episode nobody would blame Lauren & Co for dropping down the memory hole).  Why then didn’t this episode factor in the more important continuity?

You know what I mean.  Rarity & her friends have saved the entire world, TWICE.  The last time included a huge ceremony referencing Star Wars.  In the palace!  Before that, the six of them made a huge disaster at the largest party of the year.  In the palace!  How are these six not the most infamous ponies around?  Heck, I love the show Burn Notice, a story about a spy TRYING to keep his adventures on the down low, and they STILL had to acknowledge that he’s growing infamous just in Miami.  At least Matt Nix’s other show, the Good Guys, had a running gag at the main characters not getting the recognition they deserved. (seriously, if you have Netflix, go queue up that show RIGHT NOW and watch it A.S.A.P. – one of the funniest live action you’ll ever see)  A lot of the mane six should be household names in their own worlds.  Here’s how the episode should have gone:

Random Pony: Pardon me, who did you say you were?
Rarity: I’m Rarity.
RP2: Weren’t you a part of those ruffians who ruined last years Grand Galloping Gala?
Rarity: Yeah, and we handed Discord his ass three months ago, so back off and show respect, bitch.

The show could have still worked as well if Rarity’s fame (not her lies) were what drew attention to her.  Maybe she ends up downplaying her friends and playing up her own role in the last few crises.  What if she had name dropped Fluttershy who was a pop culture phenom awhile back?  (actually… considering pop culture memory spans, I wouldn’t blame anypony for not recognizing our Empress Fluttershy)

…I do feel sorry for the show writers.  The archetypes of Rainbow Dash (the jock) and Rarity (the “queen bee”) have been the traditional antagonists for several decades now (if not longer).  Even if they weren’t the main enemies of the heroes, whenever either showed up you knew they would cause some problem for the heroes even if it was a subplot.  Trying to undo long years of cultural programming and making those two protagonists isn’t easy.  Heck, part of the reason the jock and “upper class beauty” were always opponents in movies was simple envy.  Those types of people seemed to never have any flaws so it was comforting to the audience to be shown that at least those “better people” weren’t any better than us morally & spiritually.  So it’s hard.  You need to make these two more flawed so they’re realistic and can have character arcs, but your audience is already going to be looking to hate them.  But we don’t need two episodes in a row where these archetypes get their traditional comeuppance (even if it’s in mild form).  One of these episodes they should have retooled more, or done a complete overhaul.  And spaced them out more.

+1 shell because I did laugh at what poor Opal had to go through and for the party cannon.  The song wasn’t even that great!  I’m only disappointed, MLP:FiM, because I know you can do better.

(note: I did not go hunt for internet memes when I wrote this, so bonus points to those who can provide links to entertaining ones calling out the absurdity of this episode)

Tomorrow I’m going to wrap up my Young Justice reviews, then start binging on Legend of Korra. With regular interruptions of Supernatural coming back. (seriously, we need Sam & Dean ponies just to make a background appearance just once…)


One thought on “MLP:ER – Sweet & Elite

  1. There’s a really nice remix version of the song that made it grow on me. Can’t remember who it’s by right now, though… hang on, it’s on my iPod. Archie V’s Becoming Popular. I wasn’t fond of it before that.

    However, I agree. This isn’t my favorite episode either. I tend to think of this show as only having continuity when it needs to (aka first episodes and finales), so that wasn’t what bothered me. It was more how Rarity, the spirit of generosity, so easily abandoned her friends. I know that was kind of the point, but it still felt out of character for me. She clearly felt bad about it (when she was thinking about it), but… I dunno.

    But then, I’ve never been a huge fan of the whole “person abandons their friends for fame, learns they shouldn’t” storyline anyway, not even when it’s remixed as MLP always does.

    (Also, no jokes about how Canterlot’s decadence and debauchery infects those who enter its gates, clearly a result of Celestia’s influence as her chosen few enjoy the luxuries of life while the plebs of Ponyville must toil under her rule, always in danger from Parasprites, Ursa Majors, and other such threats?)

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