MLP:ER – The Mysterious Mare Do Well

At times, one has to wonder if Ponyville is a nightmare.  A dozen disasters a day, and do we see any police to help the citizens?  Or fire & rescue?  Are the national guard sent to aid Ponyville’s citizens?

Of course not!  Because Celestia understands the principles of libertarianism.  See, society just doesn’t degrade into a chaotic miasma just because the State takes a light role. No, the ponies realize that independent and free ponies choosing to take care of themselves leads to a happier and better society. Who better than Applejack to apply great strength to problems? (maybe her brother)  Or who could match Twilight’s magic talent for solutions?  Yet if the government was there, we’d find it getting in the way of the ponies and stifling their talents.  Truly, Celestia is a wise and just ruler.


This was all one big tribute to superheroes.  Which, as a fan, I loved.  It would be funny to see a  “mare do well” group form and act as the local police, fire, rescue, etc.  At least until Celestia gets a hold of them and turns them into her jackboot thugs to grind Equestria beneath her hooves!

(if you write that fan fic, I just ask for a credit link to put a bit more traffic here ;))

I will say two RD-focus episodes in a row is just a bit tiresome if she’s not your favorite of the six.  (I like her in small doses.)  On some level I want to rank this one slightly below average, but on another, I do like the lesson that “helping people should be its own reward”.  So add a shell to the score if you’re a big RD fan.  If you REALLY don’t like her, you’ll want to drop one.

(I had watched much of this show before I started doing this review series.  And… the previous episode was as far as I got.  So from this episode on out, I haven’t watched any of these and avoid spoilers to make the experience more raw.)

(Those who are more familiar with the MLP:FiM culture, is Rainbow Dash the most divisive pony or is it just me?)


3 thoughts on “MLP:ER – The Mysterious Mare Do Well

  1. My familiarity is mostly that my three year old loves to watch it on netflix, but I think Rainbow tends to remind folks of the kind of person you either love or hate. (In my case, both– depends on their focus.)

  2. Yeah, Rainbow Dash has a few divisive traits, like pride that occasionally swells up and recklessness, so I wouldn’t be surprised if she rubs some Bronies the wrong way. But what keeps her from being just another Trixie is that she at least shows some consideration for her friends.

  3. Not the most divisive. That’d be Rarity, IMO. Some people just hate her, some people adore her. And some people are just sort of neutral toward her (like me–I never used to like her, but she’s grown a little on me). But yeah, no one genuinely seems to dislike Fluttershy or AJ or Pinkie Pie, but RD has her detractors.

    Anyway, to add to your comments about how there’s no public response to any of these potential tragedies (if not for the brave actions of the fearless Rainbow Dash), what’s the only groups of public protectors we see? Well, there’s Celestia’s guards, and once we see the Wonderbolts heading into action. In other words… purely military/National Guard-type strength! Celestia doesn’t care about protecting her people, only controlling them! It’s all lies! New Luna Republic forever! Etc. etc.

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