MLP:ER – the Cutie Pox

Oh Celestia, how can a ruler who claims to so love her subjects deny them basic, universal healthcare?

Notice how we learn that long ago, there was a breakout of this “cutie pox”, curing a time when Celestia must have ruled. (a. the sun is usually still around and b. there was no Discord causing ruckus)  Yet did she do anything about it?  No!  She did not provide healthcare nor record any data necessary for anyone to be helped in the future should they come down with this plague.  And considering all the cutie marks seem to prevent a pony from eating or resting, it’s a valid assumption that the plague “vanished” when the first infectees died of metabolic collapse.  (Notice how Celestia covers up her failure to provide her citizens with a basic right?)

Had a proper healthcare system been in place in Equestria, Apple Bloom would have nearly died were it not for the timely arrival of Zecora (I did like that continuity joke she made).  Indeed, this whole incident happened because Zecora’s anarchic medicine wasn’t regulated as it should have been!  Notice how AB went “to another country” to get this black market medicine?  This is what we have to worry about, people!


Actually I’m not real sure what the message of this episode was.  You might say it was “don’t steal” but then, if Apple Bloom hadn’t stolen the herb, then there would have been no truth for her to confess to get the cure from the Seeds of Truth.  So… yep, I’ve got nothing for the serious segment.  The letter reads “be patient” but that’s pretty much the letter EVERY time the CMC show up.

If you love or hate the cutie mark crusaders, then add or subtract a shell respectively.


2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – the Cutie Pox

  1. I kinda figured it was something like “don’t try to cheat/shortcut your way into knowledge. It never works, and will cause problems. The only way to get something worthwhile is to work for it the right way.”
    The cutie mark is a sort of self-knowledge, after all….

    • Especially because it’s pretty obvious what their cutie marks are going to relate to eventually. It’s gotta be obvious to everyone else, right? They just haven’t worked it out for themselves yet, which is the whole point. You have to find it for yourself. (Sweetie Belle is singing, Apple Bloom is building/crafts, and Scootaloo is… something athletic. Dancing?)

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