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I object!  As an only child, I find these “siblingist” stories on television to be offensive, discriminatory, and hurtful to my well being!

Nah, I’m kidding. (for now…)  Growing up, I was always very aware of the benefits and costs I experienced as an only child (trust me, having both parents’ undivided attention can be a boon and a curse).  In our modern culture, siblings are such a ready source of drama, it’s not easy to find a show or piece that praises them – very often they seem more trouble and a hindrance than any benefit to our protagonist.  Malcolm in the Middle (which I do enjoy once in awhile) is a prime example – although the frequent conflicts between the brothers made the rare moments when they united together all the more heartwarming.

Still, leave it to Rarity the (previously-established) drama queen to make a rather pedestrian story have all the weight of Lord of the Rings.  This isn’t just a sibling spat, this is an epic fracturing!  (at least we see Sweetie Bell gets her own over-the-topness honest)  That was kind of funny, although Opal getting stuck in that sweater was a harsher tragedy than the scouring of the Shire.

I did like that they showed how even the Spirit of Generosity… well, can be wrongly generous.  A more obvious example if you didn’t catch it in the episode: imagine a well-to-do gentleman, carrying home a load of christmas presents for his children, and a loaf of bread his wife asked him to pick up.  Along the way, he come across a poor orphan.  “Why do you look so sad?” asked the man, for he was of good spirit and did not like to see others frown.  “I know, you can have this xbox,” he said, giving the game system to the orphan.  But the orphan was still sad, so before he could speak, the man said, “My son asked for a bike, so surely another young fellow like yourself would enjoy this bicycle as much as he.”  He gave the orphan the bike, but the orphan was still sad.  “How silly of me,” the man said.  “You need a friend to keep you warm.  Here, take this giant teddy bear I have bought.  He will be with you always.”  But the orphan was still sad.  So the man, a bit annoyed, said, “How can one stay so miserable on this most joyous season inspite of others’ generosity?”  With that, the man stormed off, still clutching his loaf of bread, while the orphan’s stomach growled.

See?  You can be very generous, the very model of generosity, but unless you listen to the object of your blessing, you may give them lots of things, they don’t need, while denying them the one thing they do.  Thus, Rarity can give freely of almost anything but she fails to realize that what Sweetie Bell needs is Rarity herself, and purpose.

Hmmm… with this and Twilight’s magic running amok 2 episodes back, could this be the season where everyone’s magic gifts go pear shaped?  Oh don’t tell me, a lot of it I still haven’t seen. 😉

Cute show, but for me, slightly below average.  Rarity fans and those with siblings will probably add a shell or two to the score.

The worst?  I got a blind bag the other day with a metallic Rarity in it.  Due to a mishap going to work, I have lost it.



2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Sisterhooves Social

  1. Only two stars? Nate, what have you done? I can understand if you’re not amused by burnt juice, but this score! This is a crime against fashion! (Oops, shouldn’t spoil anything.)

    You wouldn’t have given such a low score to a Fluttershy-centered episode… but, then, if you did, Fluttershy would probably… well, you know…

    P.S. I do have siblings…

    • No, if this was a fluttershy episode, I would have been too scared to rate it low. 😉

      Actually a quick note about ratings: I prefer the sfdebris method of “scores are relative to the series”. Now with a show like Supernatural, the range can be so vast (the bad are bad, the good are awesome) that each shell added or taken away can mean a big difference. With something like MLP:FiM… it’s almost a measure of degrees. So far (the show is ongoing after all), even the worst of the series is still more entertaining and better art than a lot of other TV shows at their best. (This space left blank for the future seventh season which is so bad, there is a mass brony suicide.) So don’t necessarily take a 1 or 2 score for MLP as comparable to say… a 1 or 2 score on a movie (which are graded on a more independent scale). If I was to say… grade MLP on a scale of general quality, even the worst episodes (so far) would be a 2.5. So to avoid being just a repeated Rick (see also), I think I’m going to judge episodes a bit more harsh.

      Although one could come up so bad, it throws the scales all out of whack, but we’ll see.

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