Episodes Reviewed – Hunteri Heroici & Citizen Fang

Whoa, I lost track there for a week.  Didn’t the thanksgiving break on SPN run longer?

Hunteri Heroici

It’s like they asked themselves… “can we top changing channels”?

Yes, the shout outs to the looney toons were awesome (and as a fan of M.A.S.H., I geeked out at seeing Mike Farrell), though part of me was really hoping we’d get SOME tribute to the SPN anime in this.  I would have sold my right kidney to have Sam and Castiel show up in Fred Jones’ mind in anime form.

Although… it does look like the budget for this episode went towards props and special effects, and God bless them for it.  I need that 1 ton anvil in my office.

For a moment while watching this episode, I wondered if we were going to get a reappearance of the anti-christ (man I hated that episode), thankfully that was not the case, though the idea that a regular psychic Joe can be a reality warper is… more troubling to the lore.  Of course we would have all preferred that it was Gabriel doing the mischief but since he’s gone, I would have liked to see the Leprechaun (still say it’s Oberon) return for this one.

Loved the part where Castiel mentions becoming a hunter to help people (remember when that was the point of the series?) and that he was a bit more in character this episode.

It’s lore problems kind of bring this down to an average rating, even with the great jokes and tributes…

“I understand.  The bird represents God, the coyote is man, endlessly chasing the divine yet never able to catch him.”

…Ok.  Forget quote of the episode, that may be quote of the season.  Give the man a bonus shell.

Citizen Fang

A vampire story in Louisiana?  Did this just become Tru Blood?  I tried watching a few episodes of that and just couldn’t get into it. (accents… too… bad! – though deborah ann woll makes a tempting case for it)  So Benny’s story did at least entertain me than any episode of that other vampire show.  I was even more thrilled to see a tracking, establishing shot of Louisiana too!  Yes I know the show films in Vancouver so it’s budget can’t quite make every location true to its real life counterpart (or even film an episode at that location) but man, just an aerial shot of where they’re supposed to be makes it a lot easier on the ole suspension of disbelief.

Though, what does it say of this show that an episode playing with no twist, is the twist?  Whole time I thought, ‘Benny is going to end up framing another vampire to cover his tracks.’  Nope, ‘uncle Ben’ was staying on the dry path.  Then when that was solved halfway through and it looked like Martin Creaser was going to play a bigger role in the 3rd act, I thought maybe something was up with him.  Maybe he was a demon or had become a vampire or something else.  Nope, he’s just another hunter gone overboard.

Wait a damn minute!  This was just the season 2 episode Bloodlust done over again.  With a more pathetic Gordon and a Lenore we were more familiar with.  Yes I liked the connection with Benny & Elizabeth being family long separated.  Kathleen Munroe (Elizabeth) is a freakin’ babe and it would be pretty funny if she hooked up with Dean so He and Sam and Benny could all be one happy, dysfunctional family. (Castiel can officiate, Garth can be a witness.)  But come on!  I don’t mind some of the earlier episodes being “redone” if they are at least improved and something new is brought to the table.  This… this didn’t have enough new or improved that much.

Plus, I’m getting so tired of hunters being villains (not helped that I keep up with the supplemental comics, novels, etc, and villainous hunters are a favorite trope).

Then there’s Sam’s flashbacks…

Earlier in the season, it wasn’t bad.  I kind of liked the alternating between Sam’s & Dean’s pasts as we went along.  Sam’s normalcy was almost comical but provided a needed balancing factor when contrasted against Dean’s insanity in Purgatory.  But now that we’ve had the backstory of Purgatory filled in… I don’t care about Sam’s past any more.  Take from when the show first began.  We knew that Sam had Jessica, and they were happy.  Beyond that, we don’t care or really need to see details (well, some Sam fangirls probably do).  That they were together is all we need.  Likewise, that Sam & Amelia were together this past year is all we’ve needed to know about them.  The whole “husband is dead – oops, no he’s not” story they’re now showing comes off like the show runners are trying to smuggle a soap opera onto the viewers.  We have the soap opera of heaven and hell in the show now, we don’t need any of this penny ante stuff.  Plus, it’s getting hard to believe that Sam is having as hard a time moving on from Amelia as he did Jessica.  Sarah Blake, maybe, but not this Amelia.

Worst of the season so far, but it’s still better than some fare they’ve done.


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