MLP:ER – Luna Eclipsed

For a moment there, I thought Celestia was being nice to her sister.

Think about it: season 1 started off with the big holiday in Celestia’s favor being interrupted by Luna.  Therefore it would be fair for Celestia to likewise interrupt the holiday celebrating Luna.

Alas, the Sun Princess is, like her totem, a harsh and cruel one.

We all know she let Luna out of the palace in order that her sister might be all the more hurt by the “celebration” that goes on in her name.  It worked, your highness, you did break your sister, if only your star pupil hadn’t inadvertently foiled your plot and turned the negative into a positive.

I also blame Celestia for turning Pinkie Pie into a chicken (if you think that was a costume, you’re delusional).

Visually, Halloween episodes are a great chance for animators to pack the frames to the max with easter eggs, and this episode definitely gets bonus points for its rewatchability.

Pipsqueak… 1) I would laugh so hard if he grew up to be even bigger and stronger than Big Macintosh – and was still named Pipsqueak (didn’t see much sign in the episode that that was a nick name).  2) Was there like a bet going on in the writers’ room over whether they could make a character CUTER than Fluttershy?  Now I’m imagining Queen FS ruling over the land, with Pipsqueak as her Grand Vizier.  Any who challenge the reign… will be CUTED TO DEATH! (yes, it is a word, Queen Fluttershy made it one)  Of course, diabetes would probably run rampant in the kingdom but… oh how can you vote against them?

Then there’s Luna herself…  I have to admit, I think this may be the first time in recorded history anyone tried to make a moe equine creature.

This episode also gives me one of my favorite examples of how, in my opinion, MLP:FiM does “adult bonus”.  Consider the scene where Twilight runs into Luna.  In traditional animation (well, in a lot of comedies) this would play out in one of two ways:

  1. Luna would see Twilight as ONLY the whats-his-name the great.
  2. Luna would not remember who Twilight is.

Of course both can be very funny.  Part of what makes 2 work is that in character, it makes no sense – how do you forget someone that shot your arse with a giant rainbow lazer?  However, though classic, this motif has been SO used, that actually playing the scene straight, “Of course I remember your Twilight Sparkle [you shot my arse with a giant rainbow lazer].”  Is funnier to those of us old enough to have seen the familiar trope overplayed, even as the scene makes sense with continuity and character.

Well that and it was a nice touch to see the two of them get over the whole… Twilight shooting Luna’s arse with a giant rainbow lazer.

An excellent episode.

“Ah the fun has been doubled!”


2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Luna Eclipsed

  1. DGD’s favorite episode; he’s to Luna what Sethisto from Equestria Daily is to Trixie.

    I think Deej would agree with me that this episode reduces Luna from awe-inspiring princess to mere carnival attraction, her alicorn traditions scrapped for the sake of popularity. You said it yourself, Nate, that Luna fell partly because she felt unappreciated by her pony subjects.

    Of course, the writers were probably trying to soften Luna’s image, as Hasbro considered Luna too dark for a girl’s cartoon, according to Faust.

  2. I loved the casual way Luna was just like “Oh, yeah, you’re What’s-His-Face, I remember him.” Just so off-hand, like, doesn’t everyone remember him? A nice little reminder that even when being moe, Luna is very, very old. And while she’s trying to come across as ordinary, she’s about as powerful as Celestia is. Kind of an interesting character.

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