Episodes Reviewed – Southern Comfort & A Little Slice of Kevin

Well Thanksgiving gave me a brief SPN break, better hurry up and get my reviews up before tonight.

Southern Comfort

This… wasn’t as bad as I feared.  Not the least because Garth is back – and he’s AWESOME (but in a different way from Bobby & the bros).  I like that he’s growing as a character and adapting to his own strengths.  Plus, it is nice to see him call out the Winchesters for being a bit selfish.  Bobby, like many good men, belonged to many.

Story wise… I’m impressed they treated the South as well as they did.  Yeah, it could have been better but like religion, when it comes to Hollywood’s treatment, ya take what ya can get.  Like all human endeavors, there were a variety of views among the people of the South, it wasn’t all about racism (some of us just don’t like yankees).  Here, there’s actual acknowledgment of those other opinions.  Yeah Dean was a little “insensitive”, but that’s in character for him so it doesn’t bother me (plus, Kansas was in the Union).

Here’s hoping they let Garth live and bring much needed joy to the show.

A Little Slice of Kevin

This episode title is the strongest argument against the first amendment I’ve ever seen.  Our founders never intended for us to abuse PUNS dammit!

Nah just kidding.  The title is even a little apt with probably the closest Kevin’s ever gotten to sex.  One has to wonder about the demons.  You think they of all people would know that if you want to catch a young guy, hot women are going to be the way to do it.  Still, love Kevin & his mom and their demonstration that in the SPN universe: knowledge IS power.  Remember that, Dean?  You don’t just wipe their memories to make them safe, you give them the tools to fight.

Good to see Crowley being a bit of a bastard.  He was getting to be so polite one wondered how in the world he was keeping that “King of Hell” title.

Of course, words can’t express my gratitude at Castiel’s revelation.  Not only is his choosing punishment in character (and badass) but it nicely alleviates the faux-drama the show’s been forcing lately.  Yeah no one’s perfect, but it’s tiring to watch a show where characters ALWAYS make the same mistake and don’t grow at all.  Still, what’s the deal with the angels?

1) What I HOPE it is: they are aiming to do good again, but are too few in numbers to be the army they once were.  They need to be more clandestine about their movements and know the Winchesters are two of good’s best allies and the ones best likely to pull off this “close hell” gambit.  However, they know their previous record with Winchesters isn’t stellar and so are needing Castiel to work with them

2) What it PROBABLY is: the book collection talked about in this episode is the plan for the series up to season 10.  Demons (and their book holding the cheat codes to win) are this season.  Next season will be… the angels.  So they’re trying to keep a leg up.  They want the demons defeated but not themselves.  So after the gates of hell are closed, they’re going to try and fight to keep the gates of heaven from closing.

And yeah, I won’t be thrilled by that.  Regardless this episode?



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