MLP:ER – Lesson Zero

Oh Celestia, see what your public school system has wrought?

In this episode we see the failings of a public school system and the unnecessary mental stress it places upon the students.  Notice that when TS realizes her grave moral error (in being tardy), she doesn’t consider that she might be sent to a less prestigious school as would be the consequence in a more diverse, competition system.  No, she has to be sent back to kindergarten because once you have a singular system to brainwash teach students, where and how else can you punish them?  (And you know that Celestia is just using the school system to indoctrinate everyone to loving/following her rule.)

Although… one wonders if this isn’t “part 3” of the Discord saga.  After all, we saw all the harmony elements “inverted” previously EXCEPT for Twilight’s, which is [drumroll] magic!  And here what do we see but a lot of chaos and… DISCORD being caused by Twilight’s magic instead of the ordering and comfort it brings to ponies.  So maybe it’s not the schools, but Twilight working out the last of Discord’s infection.  Oh Lord Discord, how foolish we were that you could ever be trapped in stone, truly your presence will be with us always*.

No, I think the real lesson is that the apple family just does not get much time for fun and relaxation.  Big Macintosh probably never had any toys growing up or much time for friends, so Smartypants was probably the best christmas present ever for him.

OR it’s all about keeping your worries and cares in perspective and to help your friend find that perspective, don’t just dismiss it.

*Actually I think he’s not so much stuck in stone as the form he uses to access that dimension is “blocked/closed off”, so he’s had to go and terrorize some other part of the multiverse.  Perhaps some place that has starships.  That one captained by a frenchman looks like it would be fun…


2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Lesson Zero

  1. “Perhaps some place that has starships. That one captained by a frenchman looks like it would be fun…”

    It’s all fun and games…until someone fucks with the Sisko.

    • And I think it was after that when a certain statue was broken by the cutie mark crusaders… coincidence?

      How else do you explain his absence after TNG BUT reappearance in VOY? (and notice how “defeated” he comes off in Voyager? almost like he was beaten by a bunch of ponies…)

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