MLP:ER – the Best Night Ever

One thing I have to say about this episode: you can tell the makers had fun creating it.  Just goes to show that writers love torturing their characters; and when we do, quality writing results.

Though I feel sorry for Pinkie, two bad days in a row.  Which is worse: no party or a bad party?  I guess no party since I didn’t see her hair straighten at the bad party.

We finally see the dark side that was lurking under Fluttershy.  Yep, all FS type people are just one bad day away from becoming the Joker.  (That’s why we’re keeping an eye on you, Eric.)  Still, they should let that old groundskeeper pony have a son FS’s age so she can find love.  Although seeing her adopt the groundskeeper as a mentor would have story potential too.

Kudos to the show for actually showing the skill a lady can have in wielding the feminine arts and for providing the lesson that while girls may seek a prince, do not fall for the first prince you find.  At least make sure he’s quality first.  I liked that Rarity and Rainbow Dash actually had similar goals: get attention.  One, however, wanted that attention for love while the other wanted it for recognition.  Though with the similarities and echoes between them combined with the fact that one of the more vocal and “center stage” wonderbolts appears to be female… I’m starting to see how the rumors & debates over RD started.  Which is just maddening to me.  I get tired enough of people reading politics into everything, I don’t see “sex in everything” as much better. (part of why I started doing a lot of these reviews the way I did – as parodies hoping that someone would get it)

Poor Applejack.  I’m sure it’s Celestia’s keynesian policies keeping her business from succeeding.

Now I haven’t taken the brony test yet but if I was to be honest… this season as a whole and this episode in particular, I’m most like Twilight.  (Plus there was an incident in my life involving a stuffed doll and evil plans; but an agreement with my therapist, the Nevada Gaming Commission, the Gaffers Union, and the Wisconsin Dairy Farmers Association keep me from talking any more about it.)  I certainly don’t enjoy parties as much except for a chance to talk to people I like and/or respect about topics I find interesting… and find the results usually what TS does here.  Of course, I never do think much about whether the other person’s interests are aligned.  They might want something totally different from mine or others’ desires.

And it was nice to see, after all the troubles he went through this season, for Spike to be the one “ahead of the curve” in this episode’s lesson.  Just goes to show that you should always listen to dragons.  Plus, I laughed hard at the “reigns snap” scene.  Why did they give those to him in the first place since the carriage pullers were volunteers?

A great episode to end the season with.  Would have also worked well as a series finale since, under Narrative Inertia, the show would have ended with everyone sharing a meal and laughter together forever and ever.

You know… I think this might be the most profound piece on Heaven I’ve ever read (and the Great Divorce is my favorite Lewis book).  After all, why would God bother to drag all those filthy, stinky humans into the afterlife, especially so many of the dirty, awful common folk?

Because, like Celestia, He doesn’t want the party to be so dreadfully boring.


4 thoughts on “MLP:ER – the Best Night Ever

  1. Oh please. Best part of the episode was Spike getting cut off from getting more donuts. Confound these ponies, they drive me to donuts!

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