Episode Review – Blood Brother


Man, that line just made the whole episode worthwhile.

Then again, the decent action did too.

Acting wasn’t too shabby either.  Loved the closing scene that had almost no dialog.  The “father” vampire was… well right now I’m going to say not too over-acted, but another day my opinion could change.  Though I dare say I want to get “Benny” to play Scott in the movie of my book.

Scenes in purgatory were also awesome.  I giggled like a schoolgirl at watching the Leviathans’ power unleashed. (though I’m still confused on who those two were)

Ok, so this was a great episode all around.  I’m glad the brothers aren’t be overtly dickish to each other but in a more natural, organic way.  Excellent use of showing us what’s been happening in the missing year without revealing too much.  Heck, the plot of this episode was pretty basic too (revenge) and sometimes a simple plot is all you need.

I did chuckle when Castiel asked what happened to the monsters killed in Purgatory.

Yeah, SPN is like… good again.

Pardon me, I’m having a critic crisis and must question my life choices.


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