MLP:ER – Party of One

Since I know that none of my friends read this blog (but all who read it are my friend), here’s what I found the other day for a buddy’s Christmas present:

Must I give these?

Yeah… I had to get 2 of the new blind bags myself. And that is a metallic Pinkie I pulled, BOW BEFORE ME LESSER MORTALS*!

And this was a Pinkie Pie episode.  Coincidence***???

Here in this episode we see Pinkie Pie demonstrating the folly of the United States’ efforts in the war on terror and its employment of torture. (we need water to live, Spike needs gems to live, etc)  Pinkie the diabolical mastermind that is Dick Cheney.  Gummy the go-along to get-along Bush 2…

Hey, I know that in season 2 Rainbow Dash finally gets a pet of her own.  You know what that means?  Mane 6 main pets episode!  Winona, Gummy, Angel, Opalescence, Tank and… should it be Spike or Owlowiscious?  Oh heck, we need Owlowiscious to keep a “voiceless” theme going on and give the writers a challenge.  They should go rescue Spike!

Hinting or bringing up that they’ve already done this in season 2 is a bannable offense on this blog****.

So anyway… heh, Pinkie Pie operates under cartoon physics.  New impossible challenge: Fluttershy’s stare vs Pinkie Pie’s cartoon laws.  How?  I have no idea.  Maybe FS uses her stare to get PP to obey the laws of physics like all good ponies usually do.

Where was I?  Oh who am I kidding.  You’re all lying to me and avoiding me because nobody likes this blog and doesn’t want to read it anymore!

Hmm… maybe I should move Pinkie further away from my desk.  Her card is the only one I’ve seen with side effect warnings on it.

OR maybe we should just learn to have fun and give people the benefit of a doubt.  Who knows, they might be planning a surprise for you.

Next week: the season finale and discussion/overview.  Probably more sanity too****.


*The author has no idea of the rarity** of these things.

**Pun intended.


****No it’s not.


3 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Party of One

  1. “You’re all lying to me and avoiding me because nobody likes this blog and doesn’t want to read it anymore!”

    Uh, yeah! Because I wanted my next visit to be a surprise! Plus, I was fixing up some MLP memes and mashup videos. Yep, construction, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it…

  2. Emo Pinky Pie made me laugh… that said, it pointed at something that frequently isn’t mentioned: often emo people can be, well, Pinky Pie if they’re given a chance to bloom.

    Imagine if Pinky’s family had followed cartoon standards and yelled at her, instead of loving the party— she’d be like that all the time.

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