Episode Review – Bitten

Gotta be honest.  I… liked this episode.

Obviously Supernatural owes its existence to the horror genre and it’s done all sorts of homages to its subtypes.  So it was about time for the show to do a tribute to the found footage type of horror.

And this was very well done.  For one, the camera was generally steady!  The filming made sense (I could believe a bunch of movie geeks obsessively filming everything) and even how everything was “edited” at the end for the viewing public.  Heck, I even ended up liking the kids involved even though I was pretty indifferent at first.  Watching others react to Sam & Dean from the outside as well as seeing the monsters from their point of view was handled well and reminded us what made the show seem so fresh the first time it aired 7 years ago.

Can you believe this is only the second time SPN has done a werewolf story?  Although I’m confused, if they can only be killed by silver, how does one werewolf kill another? (actually, I guess it is the “woodchipper principle” – although one of those bodies looked very intact)

And maybe there was a problem with my streaming, but was the college professor’s story wrapped up?  Or are we to assume he went on the run?

Very well done.


2 thoughts on “Episode Review – Bitten

  1. The boys killed the professor, who before dying gives them a lead to the hidden camera that eventually brings them to the geeks’s house. And the first werewolf was killed by a silver knife, the same knife that was used in the ‘negotiations’ with the professor.

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