Episode Review – Heartache

Something I forgot to ask last week that I was hoping would be addressed this one: what does Castiel mean “leviathans” (plural) have a price on his head?  Per the implications of the season 7 opener, all of them should be out of Purgatory.  And Dick was the only one of them that was killed by the guys (the others were stated as just incapacitated).  Well, we did see one ‘bibbed’ and there were implications that they liked to eat each other, so that may send a few back to Purgatory.  Still, seems like at most there could only be half a dozen Leviathan after Cas.

So this week… where the boys square off against their most fearsome adversary: really bad tans!  A wicked, flesh-eating beast that consumes a man’s flesh and replaces it with an orangish substance not of this world!

No wait, that wasn’t the monster, it was joggers (who I’ve never trusted) in a combination plot from earlier episodes (no-prize to the commentor who can name all the previous MotW this one drew from).  However, those earlier episodes weren’t stellar so I don’t mind them trying to do them better.

Interesting touches on the boys’ relationship as we seem to be retreading season 1 ground with Dean being more overt towards wanting to hunt with Sam.  Again, had we a lot of this interplay in season 6 with the same subtly (except Dean is the one wanting to return home) it would have been much more bearable.  Also, it was great to see the guys doing actual investigative work again – uncovering clues, doing the legwork, etc.  Man I had missed the days of them actually working.

All in all, a pretty good MotW episode.

Seriously though, was it my display or did anyone else think their skins looked badly tanned?


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