MLP:ER – the Cutie Mark Chronicles

How did the CMC (which Faust wanted to make into a preschool spin-off) become the leading source of continuity for this show?

Of course we all knew that Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash knew each other before the show started and know we know the details.

Still, as one from a small town I could sympathize with finding out that life can connect people in ways you’d never expect.  Heck just the other day I discovered that a coworker of mine had previously worked with one of my closest friends in another city.  So it wasn’t much of suspension of my disbelief to find that all of the mane six were tied by the rainbow caused by RD (heck, there were probably more who found themselves that day across Equestria).  It was a nice touch showing that friendships are not tied down by time or space.

Although after seeing this, I’m surprised anyone still thinks RD is a lesbian. If anything, she’s a speed-force-sexual or maybe a lover of winning.

Kudos also to not making Pinkie Pie’s family a bunch of stereotypical fundamentalists and that they could enjoy fun and parties too.  Not all rock farmers are the same.

Good episode.


3 thoughts on “MLP:ER – the Cutie Mark Chronicles

  1. Nate, I’m still trying to figure out how Derpy got her bubbles cutie mark. For all I know, it had something to do with the rainbow. Perhaps she was blowing bubbles as a filly when she saw RD’s sonic rainboom.

    • That’s easy:
      Derpy was walking along, enjoying her muffin when the race flew by and knocked it from her.
      She flew after the muffin but it fell in a pond before she could get it. She was sad, until RD’s sonic rainboom exploded, causing the pond to ripple with bubbles.
      Derpy was so pleased by the bubbles, she forgot about her muffin.

      And as Thomas Equinas proved in Summa Cutius Markus, what brings a pony the most joy is what is marked upon them.

  2. I was flinching when they were on Pinkie Pie’s family…and then the hit never landed.

    Love that about the show; just when it seems like you’re going to be beaten over the head with The Big Bad Strawman Of Correct Thinking… it doesn’t happen.

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