Episode Review – What’s up, Tiger Mommy?

This time I noticed that title card has floating text behind it, I like that.

This was another great episode following the previous strong start.  Really, if the WB was demanding more women in season 3, why didn’t they bring in the tiger momma?  She was awesome and badass! (probably not unlike the mother Mary might have been)  Kevin continues to defy the usual rules of kid sidekicks (in my opinion) and actually be not entirely annoying.

The scene with all the “other” beings standing around bidding is just pure greatness and something I’ve wished they would have done for years now. Seriously, the angels bet Vatican City? (and how does Hell have the rights to Alaska? Not Las Vegas?) And it’s nice to see the boys return again to the dilemmas fighting men face in war (how much to worry about civilians vs victory). Though I’m still wondering does Crowley have a favourite body or is he able to manifest a separate form? And why does he get special smoke when Lilith and Azazel never did? (seriously, Azazel should have totally had yellow smoke) This was just a good episode that hit all the right notes in style and execution. Heck, there at the end I almost felt sorry for Thor. (or was that the real Loki?)

Now the real question is, will the boys hang on to Mjolnir for future adventures? (looks like it would be handy)

Hold on, I’ve forgotten what hope was like. Feels… nice.


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