Episode Review – We Need to Talk About Kevin

Season 6 opener: Very lackluster

Season 7 opener: An explosive start, that kind of disappoints.

Season 8?  Hopeful.

If this had been the tone the show had taken at the start of season 6, it probably would have been much approved.  Let’s see here…

  • Winchesters get a sidekick?  Check.
  • Sidekick actually not too annoying?  Check.
  • A return to the central idea that “knowledge is power” and can win almost any battle?  Oh heck yeah.

And it would have been a bit better had Sam behaved a bit more like Dean here after returning from Hell.  He’s clearly shaken up, but isn’t a complete asshole (or at least, it’s understandable why he is the way he is).  Now I’ll need to double check the 7 finale but was Sam told that Dean was in Purgatory?  That would have been preferable for the scene of the reunion.  Dean: “Why didn’t you look for me?”  Sam: “What do you mean?  I thought you were dead.  In Heaven with Mom & Dad.”  Dean: “I was in Purgatory.”  Sam: On shit look.

This was a very satisfying episode and gives me some hope for this season.  Here’s hoping Kevin actually gets something of a happy ending.  Or heck, maybe the Winchester will die again but Kevin will continue on in their name.  I’m hoping they do something new with him.

Lore notes:

  • Seriously, how does battle in Purgatory work?  Do the decapitated vampires just cease to exist, or are they just “paused” for awhile.
  • What is up with Dean and every thing using his body to get out of the afterlife? (Castiel was a trendsetter)
  • It was implied (again, will have to look for the line) that most, if not all, of the other monsters were wiped out by Leviathans’ machinations last season.  If the gates of Hell are closed, will that be it for good?  Nothing left for the Winchester or anyone else to fight?
  • I noticed more overt references to God in this one, I hope they don’t make this season a “boys vs God” one.  I’m hoping He’ll use them to “clean up the world” and finish making it completely safe for humans.  The show lately has had almost nothing but “ambiguously good” forces, if this is the last season, let it go out on a win.  Let there be some genuine good.
  • So did the guy return as a vampire or as a human? (since all vampires were once human)  He seems interesting (don’t take my previous plea as a statement that I don’t like morally complex characters) but I’m hoping they don’t do with him what they did with Grandpa Campbell.  Although it would be interesting if he became the arc villain for the season.

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