MLP:ER – A Bird in the Hoof

As I’ve written before, I am not a fan of contemporary issues invading my works of fiction, but when it’s done so good…

This episode originally released April 8th, 2011, over a year past the day that “Obamacare” had been signed into law (March 23rd 2010).  Coincidence?  Coincidence that this episode is the funniest rebuttal to nationalized healthcare to come along in a long time?

Consider that the episode starts with Fluttershy, ruler-to-be of Equestria operating her socialist medicine solo at the moment (she hasn’t conquered the world yet after all) only to be reminded of a party in honor of her rival to the throne, Celestia.  She races there only to be turned aside by the guards. (Watch closely as FS backs away, you can see in her eyes the smoldering, approaching of the STAREtm – Oh she will remember your names, guards)  Once inside, oh how hard it is to stand there and be in the presence of her nemesis, she that keeps Equestria from glorious Utopia.

Then she notices it.  What better way to prove her better suitability for rule than to take care of a subject that Celestia has clearly failed?  So she takes the bird home to care for it (a symbol of socialized medicine to force people into its service whether they want it or not).

And so the battle of wills begin.  Fluttershy, the benevolent ruler who will help us whether we want it or not, vs Philomena, the free peoples who will not accept intrusion, no matter how much they may appear to need it.
For a time, Philomena seems to win, until Twilight, best central planning pony, arrives to help Queen Fluttershy to “enforce” the medicine.  For a time, Philomena was engaging what most people do when their government goes a direction they do not like: civil disobedience.  But now that that is no longer an option, we see her resort to that other favorite tactic: escape.

So things go until, Fluttershy finds her beloved subject turned to ash, just as so many objects of government “help” end up being far worse off than they were before the help.

However, like the phoenix, a people can never truly be repressed and Philomena rises from the ashes just as societies and people can bounce back once they are no longer interfered with.  Fluttershy learns, that maybe she isn’t ready to rule today…

OR maybe she learned to not always judge by appearance and to listen to others (whether the patient telling you what’s wrong or those that know the patient best).

This was simply one of my favorite episodes of this season.  Not only because Fluttershy is awesome, but because the slapstick with her, TS and Philomena crack me up every time. (and growing up I may have had my share of less than successful animal hospitals)


3 thoughts on “MLP:ER – A Bird in the Hoof

  1. Also, this episode features Angel, who makes every episode he’s in 20% cooler simply by merit of being the head of the local Mafia. Or at least that’s what I assume he is.

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