MLP:ER – Green isn’t your Color

As I have already documented, choosing between Luna or Celestia this election year is a fool’s choice.  The true power behind Equestria is none other than… FLUTTERSHY!

oh you will…

Or… is it?

This episode would seem to say not, after all here we find she hates the limelight, so that’s it?

This could have just been a flashback showing us why the great queen Fluttershy now runs things behind the scene as she does!  The spotlight is too “harsh” (metaphor quotes there) and doesn’t let her do the work she needs.  But no, the presence of Twilight shows this was a more recent documentation. (since we all know FS “asked” Celestia to send her most gifted student to Ponyville so FS would have a new, powerful soldier for her army to go along with her physics-bending pawn, Pinkie Pie)  Of course, like the best laid plans of all, she is nearly undone when Rarity brings up the shoot.  FS doesn’t want to engage in publicity (she could be exposed!) but if she were to use her power to say no, Rarity could learn the truth.  So FS must engage in an elaborate web of deceit, playing the “shy pony” part less anyone suspect she is the true ruler of Equestria.  But oh how it taxes her and keeps her from her plans.  Thankfully, in the end, everything is straightened out and FS can go back to the shadows from which she rules.  It’s Fluttershy’s world, we’re just living in it.

OR it’s all about how sometimes we should be honest about ourselves to others instead of convincing ourselves about what others want. (which was one of my favorite screwtape letters)  Of course you don’t have to be a dick about it, but there’s still plenty of middle ground between “worrying too much about others” and “caring too much about yourself”.  Growing up, is about getting the maturity to hold to that middle ground.




(I do hope one of my catholic friends will share this with Mark Shea and appropriate backstory)


5 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Green isn’t your Color

  1. Well, Nate, Mark Shea is known to support animals, like Stubbs the cat mayor, for president. So, I guess he’d be open to endorsing a pony. I’ll let DGD handle the sharing, since I think he has more clout with Shea.

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