MLP:ER – the Show Stoppers

Behold the tyranny of Equestria’s unfettered capitalism!

One of course realizes now what the cutie marks actually mean: a representation of the division of labor and the division of Equestria into classes.  Here we see 3 noble fillies, each of them “blank” meaning they are unburdened by the pressures of proletariatism.  In true, glorious communist fashion, they are not subordinated to a single talent, bound to it or exploited by it.  They know everything as a whole!  They are well-rounded and multi-talented.  (They even let Apple Bloom attempt a psychic test, even though magic is exclusively the domain of the unicorns.)

It is a shame they do not realize their true use and utility as well-rounded ponies, their faculties developing in balanced fashion.  They could truly revolutionize Equestria and help it reach communist utopia!  But alas, they have soaked in too deep the bourgeoisie propaganda and so do not realize their potential.

Truly, the most tragic and sad episode of the season.

(Or maybe it’s all about how sometimes we can screw up our own efforts, such as finding our special talent.  When a talent show comes along.)

((also, thanks to marxists [dot] org for some pages I was able to rip the above lines from and modify))


2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – the Show Stoppers

  1. Nate, if Equestria is a communist utopia, how can there be a farmers’ market? There’s a scene in the previous episode where AJ and Apple Bloom hawk apples in the middle of Ponyville. I wonder how this escaped the notice of both [Queen Celestia] and her favorite student and central planner Twilight.

    • (sorry, Eric, your comment landed in the spam box and I just now got around to noticing it)

      [putting on review hat] No no no, it NEEDS to be communist utopia. Dis episode shows us why! Da little ponies are so lost and confused, comrade.

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