MLP:ER – Feeling Pinkie Keen

As both of my fans know, I’m a bit of a Christopher Nolan fan.  I was just casually interested in his work after watching his Batman films (particularly the Dark Knight), but after Inception, I’m a full blown fan and have been seeking out his work since.  Needless to say, I was quite pleased to see MLP:FiM do its own take on one of Nolan’s films, Momento.

Of course, we can’t have Pinkie Pie (who’s obviously demonstrated short-term amnesia in other episodes) tattooing herself in a kid’s show, so instead the writers take the brilliant move of having her developing unconscious ticks as a reminder (not unlike Leonard Shelby’s method of altering his handwriting).  We also know from other episodes that PP is hyper observant (she shows some awareness of the 4th wall for example, she is also the one to take the role of announcer in Fall Weather Friends, fulfilling her need for “observing”), probably on a level equal to Sherlock Holmes.  How can she use the knowledge she gains if she can’t retain it?  Utilizing a near-habitual tick.  Consider the following in order of the show:

  • Being the social butterfly of Ponyville, she was undoubtedly told by Fluttershy earlier about the frog moving.  So at the time FS would be passing over, PP’s reminder tick goes off.
  • There is a ditch in Ponyville that has obviously been there for a long time.  PP knows TS is heading towards it, and tries to warn her.  However, her disability keeps her from remembering the specifics of why TS shouldn’t go that way.
  • Same with the puddle, obviously PP saw the cart coming and calculated that the puddle nearby would be splashed.  Then TS started talking, distracted her (causing PP to lose her train of thought) so another tick goes off.
  • PP has to make her shoulder ache just to remind her where her pet alligator is.
  • And so on…

Her disability is almost tragic if PP wasn’t so cute and funny.

Now one big change was that the primary antagonist from the movie was allowed to live in this show.  What makes Teddy villainous in the original is his dehumanizing of Leonard; he treats his “friend” as more of a weapon.  Here, we have Twilight Sparkle playing that role.  Instead of realizing that her friend needs help, she treats PP as a subject to be studied.  Notice how no “ticks” went off in the laboratory, obviously because in such a controlled environment PP’s hyper-observation wasn’t seeing incoming threats or incidents that she needed to keep track of.  We even see TS’s frustration come to a boil just as Teddy’s did, but thankfully she was humble enough to not allow it to endanger her friendship.  PP’s final shake is like the final note (movie-runtime-wise) Leonard writes to himself.

The other antagonist from Momento, Natalie, is here substituted by the Hydra (of course their similar roles as temporary challenges goes without saying).  I did laugh at the physical comedy of its warring heads.  That was a nice touch.

I could spend all day breaking down the similarities between this show and its source, but then what would everyone comment on?  Yet while I did enjoy Momento and this was entertaining enough, it’s hard to remake classics, and I still think this episode was pretty weak overall.

1 extra shell for the humorous hydra.


2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Feeling Pinkie Keen

    • Here now, Eric, you have to remember that self-deprecation is a fine and honored tradition of Southerners everywhere. 😉

      Though to be perfectly honest, I am actually a filthy protestant. Though one who feels that the whole CvP conflict should be more like the intra-competitions of the military departments. We should fight harder together, than we do each other. (after all, our enemies are numerous)

      Mr Plinkett? Never heard of him! Now I’m not going to send you any pizza rolls…


      (I do need to resume work on my prequel rewrites.)

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