MLP:ER – Fall Weather Friends

An episode of one long competition involving sports?  One of the competitors having an unfair advantage?  Clearly, this episode is a sly commentary on the 2007/2008 Baseball dope scandal!

Like all sports (even the professional ones) the competition between RD and AJ starts out fair and good-natured (though in this competition over most “athletic pony”, we don’t see any boys getting involved – perhaps Equestria needs a reverse Title IX?).  The competition is an evenly matched back and forth that provides ample entertainment for all viewers.  However, we get our first hint of scandal in the hoof-wrestling event.  At least twice we see Apple Jack defeat Rainbow Dash in contests of strength (the former obviously being a mighty glacier while the latter seems more of the fragile speedster type) yet in this direct match RD wins?   This is our first hint at the characters violating the sporting spirit.  Finally the subtlety ceases and RD begins utilizing an unfair advantage.

Of course, AJ is rightly outraged but the higher authorities (Mayor or Celestia, either could stand in for the MLB) who would prosecute the cheating are MIA.  So we see things escalate until “everyone” (the two major leagues AJ & RD represent, obviously the other runners, representing minor leagues, don’t count) begins cheating just to keep the competition close to fair.  Of course, unlike real life, the cheaters this time did not win, and ended up learning a lesson with the authorities finally stepping in.  Of course, it seems weird for Celestia to just show up for this thing out of nowhere, I suspect she might be there to represent the Congress hearings that happened.

OR maybe it’s all about not letting crazy people do sports announcements.  Who can say?

Not bad and pretty entertaining.  Kentuckians will especially get a kick out of all the little shoutouts to horse racing in the show.


4 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Fall Weather Friends

  1. “maybe it’s all about not letting crazy people do sports announcements”

    Probably a wise lesson to learn when Pinkie Pie’s around.

    I really like this episode, actually. First of all, it’s a nice twist on the tortoise/rabbit race (with both of them being the rabbit and the tortoise, Twilight Sparkle, not actually getting first place). Second, I just really like the visuals in it. Fall leaves are pretty. And it even has a good message for anybody involved in competition–you’re going to do a lot better if you focus on doing the best you can, not merely beating other people.

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