MLP:ER – Call of the Cutie

Well I made a promise I wouldn’t do the silly reviews on continuity episodes and looks like this one falls under the rules; for starting here is one of the show’s more popular recurring motifs: the cutie mark crusaders.

I have noticed (and appreciate) that Apple Jack’s southern accent has been “normalized” and is more realistic now.  It’s even more noticeable when her little sister has to carry an episode.  Though she and the other fillies in this episode gave me cavities with their excessive cuteness.  How they are not the mascots of this site I don’t know.  Though for the life of me, I can’t figure out what kind of “special talent” Silver Spoon and Diamon Tiara are supposed to have (or are they a sly reference to Paris Hilton?  useless rich girls?)  Though the revelation that there are some “deep magics” which not even someone like Twilight Sparkle can bend is a nice touch.  It’s good for your magic system to have rules.

And yes, it was hilarious to see the Doctor, who has faced so many Daleks, Cybermen, and worse, tremble before a little girl.  (Though to be fair, I think I’ve worked with some people like that.  You try and repress the memories.)

A cute, enjoyable episode, that has a nice message about not being in a hurry to grow up.

(man, hope the next one gives me material)


6 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Call of the Cutie

  1. Cavities from excessive cuteness? Sheesh, Nate, you’d think you were watching My Little Pony or something… 🙂

    Seriously, though, I find it weird that despite Applebloom displaying remarkable skill by fixing the CMC clubhouse in a later episode she still didn’t get a (hammer) cutie mark. Either carpentry isn’t a special talent or the writers don’t want her story arc to end prematurely…

    • And Sweetie Belle never gets her cutie mark despite exhibiting an amazing singing voice, and Scootaloo never gets hers despite her obvious athletic gift. I think the reason is really that none of them realize their gifts. In The Cutie Mark Chronicles, where the Mane 6 talk about getting their cutie marks, all of them had a moment of realization where it hit them that, hey, this thing is kind of their gift. The CMC haven’t had that moment yet.

      Internet consistency–even shows about pastel-colored ponies have it!

  2. Silver Spoon is probably a reference to being born with a silver spoon in your mouth, so yeah, likely just means “useless rich girl”. But cutie marks don’t directly translate into talents (diamonds = fashion sense?), so it doesn’t automatically mean her talent is, like, eating ice cream or something. Maybe she’s going to be a banker or stock trader.

    Diamond Tiara, though, her cutie mark seems a bit more limited. I’m going to go with “pageant queen” or “princess”, though. Trophy wife might also work.

    Or who knows, maybe she’ll end up slaving in a diamond mine.

    • You could sort of justify that diamonds (a valuable, beautiful jewel) translates to fashion (bringing out the value and beauty of people) – if your one of those that likes to overanalyze and torture meanings out of everything.

      Anyone around here like that?

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