MLP:ER – Winter Wrapup

(and we’re back!  and in order to catch up, each day this week will be another MLP episode!  for today’s post, read it in the worst Russian accent you can imagine*)

Behold tha ponies!  They teach us all good proletariat walues.

This is Ponywille; pure socialist utopia.  Ewen tha weather is obedient to the fiwe-year plan.  IT WILL NOT DISOBEY!

Alas, Ponywille has let foolish capitalist ideas infect it.  They have become disorganized.  Each goes their own way instead of listening to glorious leaders!  Though their leaders are weak (not like glorious Sowiet leaders) so ewen listening will not save them.

(though tha ponies have most captiwating song!)

Enter Twilight Sparkle!  Noble pony sent from glorious Canterlot.  She tries to follow capitalist ideals, but finds them not to her liking.  She must rally tha unfaithful ponies and remind them of glorious Soviet Canterlot ideals!  Tha ponies organize.  Tha ponies find themselwes doing best when listing to wise leader.  So ponies succeed in their efforts!

OR tis about finding tha best use for your talents, whatewer they might be.

With best song ewer!



*This post partially inspired by this.


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