YJ Mega Review

Man, I have gotten WAY too far behind on this.  There’s only one solution: MEGA-REVIEW! (with quick snap-judgements)


Eh, nothing great for as soon as it was hinted that Aqualad even had someone back home, I knew they would be broken apart by episode’s end.  I did like the YJ reveal of Starro but otherwise this episode was a shining mediocrity of predictability.


I can almost see how this episode went down in the writer’s room: “What if we just had 30 minutes of action sequences?”  Just to mix it up, they give Miss Martian a mental fight.  What can you say about an episode so… bare bones?  It has one thing to accomplish and it does it well enough.


Now this one was… interesting.  For those who don’t know, Roy Harper (Red Arrow in the show) and Cheshire had a fling that produced a daughter.  So throughout this entire episode all I could think about was, “Is Roy going to be a daddy by this woman?”  I don’t think Lian’s ever been animated so it could be interesting.

But by far the biggest thrill is the revelation that Luthor & Ra’s Al Ghul were partners.  Yeah, my inner comic geek (which is only skin deep) squeed a lot over this.  It’s funny that in all the media I’ve seen, I haven’t seen these two powerful (in terms of wealth and influence) villains work together before.  I remember seeing on TV Tropes that someone marked “the Light” in YJ as a Villain Sue.  To which I reply:

  1. I don’t have a problem with villain sues in and of themselves.  Villains are supposed to be challenges the heroes overcome.  Making the bad guys sues makes it that much more satisfying for them to be defeated later.
  2. It’s freakin’ Lex Luthor and Ra’s Al Ghul!  How can just those two working together NOT be villain sues?  I’d be disappointed in anything less.


Ah the old “good guys sneak into jail as prisoners” storyline.  Every show does it if it runs long enough, and they’re usually entertaining enough.  I did like the reveal over what the final purpose was on all the ice-themed villains finally getting caught (plus I like seeing Killer Frost because Firestorm RULES!) and it was clever enough.


Oh alright.  It’s a standard, decent episode.


Of course, whenever you have superhero shows like this, there’s always the one episode where the “power people” are incapacitated and it’s up to the “normies” of the team to rescue them.  I especially liked the bit about Artemis attending Gotham academy and Robin making a joke without her realizing.  I am somewhat disappointed they’ve confirmed this Robin is Dick Grayson when he’s had far more in common with Tim Drake of the comics (not just costume) and it was Tim that was the best friend of Connor [Superboy].

Also, I wish they would be more consistent on the weaknesses of martians.  I’m thinking with M’gan exposed to that much fire… she should be in much worse shape.  I hate to be nitpicky As a geek, I have to knock one off this episode.

Alpha Male

Ugh.  Sometimes I get tired of these “sexism is bad” message episodes that I swear is mandated for cartoons like “drugs are bad” were in the 80s.  Also, I’m not real thrilled with the “venom super steroid” being a catch-all challenge to the heroes.  The whole thing smacked of lazy writing.

Still, Captain Marvel was awesome.  I’ve sometimes wondered whether he should be in one of the “adult” groups (JLA, JSA, etc) or one of the “youth” groups (Teen Titans, Young Justice, etc).  After all, his hero side is adult, while his citizen identity is a child.  Here’s hoping we see far more of him in the future.


The single greatest Joker ever done (or at least, equal to Heath Ledger) was Mark Hamil – Mr Luke Skywalker himself.  So imagine my surprise when I realized that the voice of Joker this time around was none other than Brent Spiner.  So who wins in this latest round of Trek vs Wars?  Although I usually supported Trek (even though Voyager and Enterprise made it hard), this time I have to give it to the Warsies.  Spiner might do better if they give the Joker more direction in the future, this episode it seemed like the writers weren’t sure what to do with him.

Now the biggest reveal is everyone that is on the council of “the Light”.  Yes I had a geekasm.  The biggest villains of all of the DCU united together?  Forget Young Justice, this is season-long challenge for the ACTUAL Justice League.  I can’t believe anyone waited a whole week between episodes of this show.


Yay!  Zatana joins!  It was a nice touch that since she’s too young to be with Batman in this verse, she is set to be with Batman’s protege.

And as an old sci-fi fan, it was a bit of a treat to see a meta joke about the tendency of artificial intelligence to be either evil or long to be human.  Except here it’s not a longing to be human that motivates the robots, but longing to be heroes.  I liked that.  That, and the revelation about who was training who.  A nice touch all around.


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