MLP:ER – Swarm of the Century

A rather fascinating demonstrating the dire consequences of when the government is too slack in regulating markets.

Like most environmental crisis, the problem in this episode (the parasprite) starts innocently enough, it’s not even a problem.  As we’ve previously established, each of the mane six represent various industries while Celestia and the mayor represent the various levels of government.  However, we see that their laissez faire approach has led to Ponyville being abandoned to pure social darwinism.

Thus abandoned, when the parasprites begin spreading among the ponies (by said ponies’ own choice), there is but one expert who can do anything to stem the catastrophe.  Of course, like today with climatologists (and whatever future emergencies arise that threaten people’s comfort such that they refuse to listen to reason), Pinkie Pie is not heeded and dismissed as “crazy” but she continues on with her efforts regardless (like other noble experts).

As things grow more severe, capitalism brings its forces to bear.  For a time, it almost seems to work, only to later reveal that such were fruitless.  One effort (Twilight – the education industry – using magic) exacerbates the problem to previously unconsidered heights.

But in the end, we see the expert, Pinkie Pie, rising to stop the menace once and for all.  Just in time for the government officials to arrive.

Does Celestia thank her?  Does she attempt a stimulus program to help Ponyville recover from the ecological catastrophe it just escaped?  No!  She turns around and flies away – clearly Celestia doesn’t care about little ponies.

OR maybe this was just a lesson to not ignore your friends, they might have some good ideas after all.

Yes, even the crazy ones.

And sometimes it’s a bad idea to rush in without understanding the problem.


2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Swarm of the Century

  1. You’re right about Celestia not caring about the little ponies. Because of the princess’s neglect, poor Lyra Heartstrings will never be reimbursed for her pie: Nate, now I’m no expert in Equestrian economics like you, but I’m guessing there’d be some sort of insurance to pay for the ecological damage. But then again, we all know that AJ needed to raise money to pay to fix city hall after Derpy wrecked it, so my guess is no.

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