MLP:ER – Look Before you Sleep

This review would have been out earlier if DGD Davidson hadn’t linked to Rainbow Dash Attack.

I don’t see the need for a Nobel Prize ceremony this year.  Whoever took the perfect game, “Robot Unicorn Attack” and made it better by adding Rainbow Dash to it deserves the prize.  I was disappointed that the leaping dolphins hadn’t been replaced with like… Angel or some of the pets that auditioned for RD.  I did laugh when in one run, I hit 16,946 because a glitch caused RD to phase through a wall that should have splattered her.


So in this episode we see the different classes of Ponyville uniting to overcome a problem.  Applejack (the proletariat) and Rarity (the bourgeoisie) realize that by working together, they can overcome a challenge that not even Twilight (the scholar) can figure out.

It all starts with…  No wait.  Rarity is the upper class with Applejack being lower and Twilight the middle.  Or…





I’m sorry, I can’t do this.

I know I made a promise that unless it was a “canon” episode (like the multi-part season openers), I’d have fun overanalyzing MLP:FiM in the manner of a stuffed shirt intelligestia but I’m going to do this one straight in honor of this guy:

Regardless of how the real man was, the role he played, Andy Taylor is a huge fixture of the American south – to the point that the Andy Griffith show can be considered the third parent in a lot of households.  What I’m most grateful for (especially as I get older) is that tAGS is probably one of the more accurate depictions of southerners in media (we’re not above self-deprecation); especially when it comes to accents.

Which brings us to this episode of MLP.

Maybe I missed it in the previous AJ staring episode, but in this one, her accent mutated to ear-scratching levels (something I haven’t heard since Tru-Blood).  Here’s a simple rule for all those who want to write believable southern characters:

  • Ya’ll is a 2nd person plural.

It does NOT replace “you” ubiquitously.  “You” is stil used when addressing a single person.  You can substitute “ya” (as in “Whatcha ya up to?”) if ya want, but “ya’ll” should only be used when addressing a group of people. (Heck, Blazing Saddles got this much right.)  Ya’ll is a contraction of “you all” a simplified version of “all of you” which is handy to distinguish between addressing one person or a group.  In fact, smart writers will use that as a way of showing when a character isn’t talking to someone as much as maybe a group he/she thinks another character represents.  Example: If someone says “ya’ll” to a priest, you can take their dialog to be addressing the church as a whole rather than the priest individually.  Which in this episode… what is Rarity supposed to represent to AJ?  The fashion industry? (AJ can’t be too mad at them, else where did she get her hat?)

Now I could address some other southern inaccuracies with AJ this episode – like there’s a reason many farmhouses have a section called “the mud room” – but will let it slide as both her and Rarity were sort of flanderized this episode to heighten their differences.

I’d give this a standard 3 score, but AJ’s speech is just too grating.

Half a shell for s’mores because those are awesome.


2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Look Before you Sleep

  1. So, you discovered Rainbow Dash Attack, too! I second your Nobel Prize recommendation. Oh, and that wasn’t a glitch, perhaps RD’s just 20% cooler than a robot unicorn and she suddenly gains the ability to randomly morph though solid objects after you get 15,000 points, kind of like you get an extra ship in Galaga after about 30,000 points. I call her new move the Sonic Rainmorph!

    I’m guessing AJ vs. Rarity is some sort of country vs. city thing.
    Of course, Rarity isn’t truly from the city of Canterlot, as shown in later episodes (“Sisterhooves Special” and “Sweet and Elite”).

    • Well of course it’s some of City v Country which is an old motif that I ended up not addressing as it’s… pretty on the nose in this episode.

      As for the game, I do like that they made the controls a bit more sensitive for RD and even shrunk her hitbox some, which means that I occasionally miss (fairies? what are those in the remake) but also miss some collisions that would have been fatal in the old. So it’s probably a glitch resulting from the alteration (not that I’m complaining).

      For the sequel I’d like to see them allow you to pick any of the mane six (each has a special feature maybe? like earth ponies might not have double jump, but don’t crash as easy or something) as well as having different backgrounds/levels which show different areas of Equesteria. SOMEONE MAKE THIS ALREADY!

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