MLP:ER – Boast Busters

At first I couldn’t figure out what to think about this episode.  Could it be?  A simple, straightforward episode of MLP:FiM?

Ah, but then I studied the ursa minor.  A great and creative creature design, we see it’s “skin” is semi transparent with a field of stars covering it.

It is, in sum, the sky given shape.  It is the sky, upon the earth.  It is a fallen sky.

Who warns and cries out against falling skies more than poultry?  Doomsday prophets and politicians (of any stripe).

And so we see that in Boast Busters, an apt parable of the cycle of politics, particularly in democracies.

Consider Trixie.  What does she do?  Why is she in Ponyville?  She does not hock any wares or offer her services as even a snake-oil salesman (perhaps one selling a cure for ursa minors and majors) would do.  She does not offer an impassioned plea for converts and believers to join her in salvation from the coming ursa doom (which is so totally my band’s name) as a false prophet would.  No, she comes asking for nothing but touting her lauded talents in fields  that are unrelated to Ponyville’s current needs.  Just like every politician come election season.  Notice also how Trixie “defeats” challenging ponies without actually besting their abilities, just as politicians so often deflect challenges and questions.

Of course, as anyone who has lived long enough knows, often (read as: always) politics creates the problem (or makes it worse) it aimed to solve.  Here, we see Trixie, slayer of the ursa major, relaxing as she lets her recruits “canvas” the neighborhoods readying potential voters for her soon acquisition of the mayor’s office.  However, the dimwitted fans (the terribly lovable Snips & Snails) believe Trixie’s own hype, and so seek to cause the sky to fall, confident that she can save them.  But like all politicians (especially John Quincy Addingmachine) she promised more than she could deliver.  So we see that while the sky wasn’t falling on Ponyville, the hubris of Trixie & her fans causes it to do so.

Twilight Sparkle (the studious representative of the uncommon common man, or perhaps the free market as she has a diversity of talents & abilities) ends up coming to the rescue by realizing that the “solution” originally proposed won’t solve anything.  Rather it takes a creative, unforeseen approach (drawn from knowledge that Trixie did not have – once again demonstrating the principle of the specialization of knowledge) to “defeat” the monster.  To further emphasize the metaphor, we see TS “lift the sky” (reverse its falling) back into place, eliminating the danger.  Giving us some hope that people can wise up and stop listening to fools.

OR its a cute parable about not suppressing your talents but not being an asshole about them either.  Everyone has their place and talents in this world.  Don’t be ashamed of yours and don’t shame others for theirs.  Also, +1 shell for cool monster designs.

(Also, as this is my 350th post, you might notice that I finally figured out how to put a tip jar on the site.  I’ll be making adjustments to it over the next few days and setting up a system for requests.)


2 thoughts on “MLP:ER – Boast Busters

  1. The monster design in MLP is always really great. The Ursa Minor/Major are a wonderful example of that. They just look really cool–they really are bears made out of stars and the night sky.

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