YJ:ER – Welcome to Happy Harbor

Well it was certainly nice of them to give Miss Martian an episode to sign after an hour devoted to the guys.

So… what’s there to say about this other than “man I have a geek crush on MM” for an hour?

Well I do like that they seem to be going with the more toned down martian power set of the past DCAU.  Although I’ve generally enjoyed the martian mythos from DC, even I have to admit that they are just a tad overpowered.  Which makes a great enemy when you have an entire army of them looking to take over earth.  Not so great when wanting to make challenging stories that J’onn J’onzz could solve faster than Superman (seriously, in the comics the guy is like the entire X-men rolled into one).  Although they gave M’gann in the cartoon telekensis which I haven’t seen her nor J’onn use in the comics (yet).  Still, it changes up a bit of the traditional “super strength” that so many power-characters get so plus for it.  On the other hand… it does get hard to convey how or what kind of limit the ability has, so we’ll probably have to institute a drinking game for when MM’s powers break continuity.

Personality wise… ok, continuity alarm:

Way back, the Teen Titans cartoon was a hit with the wider population.  A lot of people especially liked Starfire in the cartoon and her mix of happy-go-lucky naivete and battle smarts.  However, in the comics, Starfire has been around earth for a long time, so there was no way to change her personality without violating enough continuity to end the world.  Thus, Miss Martian was created and joined the Titans as the new “fish-out-of-water” alien.  Which had… mixed success (not of any fault of hers, but… the titan books did not go through the best of times then).  So now, coming back to her indirect source, how is MM?  I think they did quite well, making her similar to the TT Starfire while giving MM her own personality and style.  She’s naive about earth, but not too outgoing.  Like if Starfire had been more introverted.

Villain?  Eh, whatever.  Good show from everyone else, though I’m surprised they didn’t have costumes at the ready (though Robin’s utility belt bit cracked me up – even if Wally’s reply didn’t).

Looks like this episode will server as our Young Justice baseline.  Not exceptional or horrible, just good, consistent superhero fun.


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