YJ:ER – Independence Day

As I’ve probably mentioned before, I’m a huge DCAU (DC Animated Universe) fan.  Batman the Animated Series was on TV when I was growing up (well… getting taller and wider) and I followed Justice League religiously in college.  If it’s DC and it’s been animated, I”ve seen at least one episode of it.

So of course when I heard Young Justice would be coming to TV, I was thrilled (and Green Lantern too, obviously).  While Marvel is ruling the theaters, DC has television well in hand.

How was the first, two part episode?

As a fanboy: excellent.  Something these shows get (which the movies often struggle with) is that the comics’ mythologies should be a decoration, not a feature of the story.  I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that half the audience for this show are fanboys playing drinking games.  Of course with the group, it would probably be more accurate to call this group the “teen titans” but seeing as how that was a highly popular show within recent memory, I don’t blame them at all for picking a new title.

As a generic watcher?  Difficult to switch that part of my brain off, but all in all well done.  The 2-parter is mostly an introduction to Superboy (aka Superclone) who has the most complex backstory of the group (so far).  The rest we don’t need that much on their origins to enjoy their company; instead we’re introduced to them as each take out a similar themed villain with their “main heroes”.  A great touch as it shows (not tells) the audience how each character handles things in their own way.  And the scene at the end where Superboy sees the moon for the first time (and Superman flying down from it) worked.  It really – worked.

However… I feel that there is one point of the plot that didn’t work so well.  Near the climax, a character is revealed to have been helping the heroes from the inside to quote: “Let him [Superboy] make up his own mind.”  Well, the way things are set up in the episode, there’s no choice at all (it would be like choosing between making out with Miss Martian or doing your taxes – green skinned redheads win every time).  Instead of half-assing it, the show should have picked a climax and gone with it.  If you want to have Superboy “choosing” then make the climax his choosing – with the evil scientist giving reasons for why Superboy should stay with the other kids explaining why he should escape (and the genomorphs standing watch as witnesses).  Or focus more on the final fight against blockbuster and have it stated that the genomorphs are using Superboy to blaze a trail of freedom for them.  I just wish the scene had had more punch to it.

But all in all, I LOVED this episode and am looking forward to more, but in the interest of this summer’s theme, I’m going to wait to review it next week, and avoid spoilers.


2 thoughts on “YJ:ER – Independence Day

  1. In my opinion, the first season only went up from the first episode. What I liked the most was that even though I read the original Young Justice comics and a lot of Teen Titans comics, it all was completely new. There were a lot of elements from the comics that felt familiar, or even entire scenes or plots that were used, but they were completely reinterpreted to fit with the different characters and story. Really, the only thing I missed from the comics is that Secret was more prominent in them… I always liked her.

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