Episode Review – Survival of the Fittest

Quote of the night: “I’m willing to cordon off… Canada.” -Dick Roman

However else the season goes, the finale is always a slam dunk.  Now for those playing the season 7 drinking game, we’re going to have fun and limit it to only other season finales.  (bonus high praise to those who catch ones I missed)

  • “Carry on Wayward Son” – does NOT count, it is a tradition to play the theme song at season’s end.
  • Impala (yay it’s back!) gets wrecked \~/ (season 1)
  • Bobby dies \~/ (season 5)
  • The boys’ demon girl ally gets taken away \~/ (season 3)
  • Dean ends up in an unhappy afterlife \~/ (season 3)

In some ways, I want to say that watching Dick & Crowley negotiating a contract was worth the entire episode.  Hell, I wish that had gone on through the entire season (episode #7: Dick: “Hang on, based upon section 12 of paragraph 3…”).  Still, at times this episode seemed to have some plot half-holes in it.  Why couldn’t Bobby go after Dick?  He did it before without possessing anyone (would give them a distraction).  He should have been “hunted” an episode earlier as in this one he felt almost like padding.  And I know how in a previous episode review I complained about how often Hollywood uses the “cut off the head and win the game” sort of set up but it was kind of needed here.  Sure Dick is gone, but how does that really stop the leviathans’ plans?  Looked like there were some high ranking ones that could easily continue on, and several other leviathans are able to impersonate Dick, so what’s stopping them?  Heck, they seemed to have enough of the world-domination plot written down for one of the imposters to continue on.  The corn-syrup drug was already added to everything so… now what?  Will the flow eventually stop?  Will it continue?  Seems like part of season 8’s premiere is going to have to spend some time just cleaning up after this finale.

I admit to liking the look of Purgatory and finding the glowing red eyes suitably creepy.  One hopes that in the tradition of Angel’s son, Connor, Dean returns to Earth even more badass than ever having kicked ass and taken names in the monsters’ afterlife.

Where do things go from here?  Bobby said something that got an audible amen from me (paraphrasing): “Do it because it’s the job.  Not to scratch the itch.”  Something I have felt has been missing from the show for awhile – the boys getting back to their roots – of fighting the good fight because it is the good fight.  I’d like to see a season 8 with less an overarching plot but character growth for the Winchesters becoming the heroes they are.  There’s only one real finale for the series now: for the boys to die on the job (and not against some great evil, just a regular one, one they take with them) and arrive in the afterlife, to be greeted by all the people they have saved. (and given a hug by mom & dad)

Corny?  Sure.  But at some point, when tales grow so big, the corny ending is the right one.

Plus one shell for playing CCR IN THE EPISODE!

Coming up: General analysis of season 7 and the summer of animation.  More ponies and we’ll see how the Japanese treat the Winchesters.


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