Episode Review – the Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo

If the Real Ghostbusters was a tongue-in-cheek portrayal of SPN fans, this episode is a far more respectful one.  Except we’re not all as cute as Felicia Day. (is it me, or is she getting typcast as a lesbian?)

So yeah, this episode pretty much confirmed what I predicted awhile back: Leviathan are looking to turn us into cattle.  It’s nice to see James Patrick Stuart (his name… he’s just begging to be put on an Enterprise) having such fun with his villainous role.  It even makes a certain weird meta-sense that Leviathan would be big on chewing the scenery.

I am, though, just so tired of the political stuff*.  It’s a presidential election year here in America, which means you can go two steps outside your house or one minute on TV without hearing about politics.  Politics politics politics.  Needless to say, I’m SICK of it.  But, I get it and recognize it as a necessary part of living in a constitutional republic and all that.  However, that also means that now and then, I’m going to want to escape from it.  Once upon a time, TV & Movies grasped what escapism meant.  Not to mention this makes the show that much more date.  I mean, in this crazy, mixed up world, can’t we all just set aside our arguments and disagreements for one hour a week and come together in our desire to see Satan get shot in the head?

Is that so much to ask?

But way to go Bobby with the full on vengeance spirit.  Yeah it’s wrong, but it is fun to watch monsters do a throwdown.




*Rant Warning: I’m… really not cool with Charlie stealing money to donate to others.  It’s not that I’m always opposed to thievery (it can be justified once in awhile) but it’s rather unconscionable to steal funds from someone just because you disagree with them.  To quote the SPN wiki:

Charlie is seen hacking into a website called theusconservatives.org (which doesn’t exist). She transfers funds of $10,000 from there to a group called “Animal Lovers & Lovers of the Planet”.

First of all, as someone’s who’s always grown up around animals, I take offense to the implication that conservatives don’t like animals (and not just in the “tasty” sense).  Not to mention that, being a website, the funds she takes are probably operational ones.  And what are websites but a form of speech?  So a very plausible interpretation of the scene is that she is trying to repress the speech of people she disagrees with.  Which… doesn’t do a lot towards endearing her to audiences.  I mean, why couldn’t she steal money from something like BP or a general corporation to give to ALLP?


3 thoughts on “Episode Review – the Girl with the Dungeons & Dragons Tattoo

  1. Which… doesn’t do a lot towards endearing her to audiences

    Sadly, I think you’re wrong. Targeting “theusconservatives.org” is risk free– endears them to the college activists sorts, and conservatives roll their eyes, sigh, and move on to things that matter.

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