Episode Review – Of Grave Importance

(sorry for the delay, on vacation and the wifi is spotty)

This was quite the enjoyable episode, a sort of mix between Death Takes a Holiday and Dark Side of the Moon.

It is funny that I’ve had in my brain for awhile a fan fic (or novel) about a hunter who’s father stayed with her (or him) after death via a object.  So now I’m not just wondering if the show writers are stalking me but actually scanning my thoughts. (anyone recommend a brand of tinfoil?)

So yes, I’m a bit biased towards this episode and enjoyed seeing an old-fashioned case from “both sides” so to speak. (Although I did think some of Bobby’s “loveable gruffness” got a bit too much at times.)

Also, thought: Bobby mentions a “special bond” and the boys exchange a look of “you don’t really know” – but wasn’t Bobby haunting them when they talked about both of them having tapped that hunter ass?

I enjoyed the villain and thought they played well with the ghost mechanics in this episode.  I’m wary, but hopeful of where they’re going to take Bobby’s story in the future. (thankfully, they didn’t have him come back to life at the end – which I was afraid they would do)

What’s that?  Felicia Day is on next week?

Pardon me, I must consult a thesaurus to find the right words.


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