Cure for Hellatus – SPN comic

With DC’s recent relaunch of 52 issues, I was surprised to find that a newSupernatural comic run had begun under the DC logo – without any mention in the promo material, checklists, etc of the “new 52”.  So it was a nice bonus.

So how’s the story?

Well… with 6 issues (like the other SPN runs), it’s really 2 stories that are linked, but just separate enough that you could read either one without the other if you so choose.

The first two issues cover Sam on a school-sponsored trip to Scotland, where he runs into a beautiful girl that is a hunter like him.  The last four issues involve Sam receiving a message from the girl a few years later and traveling back to Scotland to help her out.

Those genre savvy fans are probably already betting that the girl is a monster.

Of course she is.

This is pretty much a 6 issue retelling of Heart.  The big difference being that I think this was better done than the episode.  For one thing, as anyone who has traveled or run into a traveler before, while it is a cliche it is nonetheless true that the “love for a week” (or however long it goes) has a certain exotic wonder to it.  Which is why I find Emma (the girl of this comic) more compelling as a love interest than Madison.  I think part of it arises that when we know there’s no hope for a relationship with someone, we never have the chance to move out of the “presenting perfection” stage of dating, thus once two people are separated, their minds tend to fill in what could have been with a rosy picture of the perfect love.  (Except there’s no such thing as perfect love unless a deity is going to be involved.)  When it is possible for two people to settle down together, for a relationship to actually grow, it has a difference about it.  Those that can survive the disappointment of being attracted to a human being (with all our flaws and faults) can find themselves with a love that may not be as idyllic, but is greater in its reality.  Thus, Sam, who could have never been with Emma, would have felt more romance towards her than Madison for which a life together was possible.

And really, what did Sam & Madison have together but raw animal attraction? (pun intended)  In the comics, He & Emma share not just a lifestyle of hunting, but interests – there’s definitely more of a connection between them than the physical.  Therefore, if you’re like me and didn’t find yourself that upset at the end of ‘Heart’ (but then, I am a cold bastard), you might find yourself fighting a few tears at the end of this comic run.

The art is highly stylistic in a manner similar to the first run, Origins and while great for atmosphere, it can be hard to tell characters in the book (I didn’t realize we were dealing with Sam at the start until a page or two in).  Nothing is really violated in Canon although I find it hard to believe that Dean was that easy to get onto a plane and fly to Scotland.  Although it wouldn’t have quite fit, I almost wish they had brought John Winchester over and we saw just a BIT more between him and Sam.

Typical SPN, but recommended to fans needing a fix on the off weeks.


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