Episode Review – Party On, Garth

As a fan, I’m certainly glad we have good episodes, and not crap.

But as a blogger… it kind of sucks.  There’s nothing to complain about like in a bad episode, or praise as in a good one.  How many ways can you write, ‘meh’?

So it was revealed that Bobby is a ghost hanging around the boys.  I wonder if we’re starting to see the insanity take over him as he complains about them not seeing him, but then doesn’t bother giving them any of the signs they ask for.

It was great to see DJ Qualls again – though the boys are coming off as a big dickish towards him.  I mean, their conflict with the ghostfacers was fun and charming – even understandable.  Their dislike of Garth… less so.  He’s awesome.  Too bad about him and Becky though.  And, again, why aren’t they spreading the word about Leviathans???


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