Episode Review – the Born-again Identity

Oh come on!  I was hoping to catch SPN last Friday and the cable box frizzed out.  Now I have to wait?  The oatmeal had it right this time: it’s like Hollywood WANTS us to pirate.

So what about the episode with the single greatest title this season? (so far)

Not bad.  It was nice to see a character study of Sam and his attempting to do the right thing even as he lay dying in madness.  I know the show and magazines and such often talk about how Sam can be “the focus” at times, but just because plot-related things are happening TO him, doesn’t mean we’ve really focused on Sam.  Even as he was fighting not to become Lucifer, I’ve often felt we’ve been told about Sam more than shown who he is.

I also think this was a bit more realistic take on insane asylums than the last Winchesters’ visit.  Not to mention we get another cute redhead for the SPN roster.

Lucifer’s line “Is it me, or is this just like the cage?” still bugs me.  What about Michael & Adam?  You’re telling me it was just Lucy and Sam down there?  Can the show not remember its own brothers?  Argh!

Good on Castiel’s return (the angel that just won’t die) and it was entertaining to see not only his contrition, but Dean’s reaction to someone that almost has as much self-loathing as him.  Though… I wish the writers would stop trying to force some kind of Meg/Cas ship down our throats.  Let it go.  In fact, let Meg go.  She’s survived this long in SPN by sheer… I don’t know what and I think her story is just mostly played out (without repeating a lot of motifs that Ruby & others had).  Let her ride into the sunset, let the viewers question about her ultimate fate.  It’s a mystery that doesn’t have to be answered.

The one thing I’ve been curious about is whether Hallucifer is JUST a figment of Sam’s fractured mind or if Lucifer is really messing with Sam from the cage.  A time or two Hallucifer seems to have knowledge that it doesn’t seem like Sam would.  Castiel’s acceptance of Sam’s burden, was it just the hallucination, or the reception from Lucifer’s room?  Another mystery I think the show can let stand.

Oh, and way for Kripke & Co to firmly take Castiel out of bullpen as an ally for the boys.  Every day they’re more and more alone against the Leviathans, and that’s doing a great job of racking up the tension.  So far, the only ones they have left are possibly Bobby’s ghost, God and Death (and the latter two might just let things play out).  Here’s hoping that the show either ends on another high note, or they reinvent it next season.  I love Dean & Sam as much – well not that much – as the next fan, but give them a happy ending.  Expand the show’s scope to new characters or let it end.


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