Episode Review – Out with the Old

I admit to being a bit of a sucker for the stories that seem to be a MotW one only to end up a key part of the myth arc (the anti-christ episode notwithstanding).  The cursed objects?  A boss that’s cruel even by Leviathan standards?  This was an episode that the creators were clearly having fun with and when they have fun, the viewers have fun. (I mean, how often do you get to see 2 actors 6 feet+ fighting a little girl’s BALLET shoes?)

If I had ANY disappointment with the episode, it was that we didn’t get to see “cursed item vs Leviathan” at the end.  Had the crazy dance shoes been thrown onto the feet of the realtor, I would have ranked this as TEH GREATEST EPISODE EVAR!  As it is, having the assistant betray her was an acceptable alternative.

Also, kudos to the creators for getting rid of Frank.  He was fast becoming another crutch for the writers and the Winchesters and, while I’d like to see the guys have a happy ending, I want them to earn it.

In lore news, there were two big, but subtle, revelations.  First, is that the Leviathans consider it a worse fate to be “bibbed” (force to eat yourself) than to be eaten by one another.  The question is… how is anyone ever bibbed?  If you consider it worse to eat yourself, why not just fight back until others are forced to eat you instead?  I’m wondering if this is a hint to us that the Leviathan have a strict hierarchy such that one can’t really disobey a direct order from a superior.  Second, there is finally an answer as to why they insist on eating us humans instead of all the meat we’ve domesticated (they even seem to have some disgust with it).  At George’s mention of wanting to taste the realtor’s soul, the meat on us humans is just bonus, the real meal they like is the soul.

And that gives us a big hint as to what they’re planning to do with the world: they’re going to domesticate us.  People may not realize it, but few care for cows more than the farmer raising them (because his well-being depends on theirs).  Why would Leviathan look to cure cancer?  Same reason vets research cures for everything we’ve domesticated.  They want us healthy, they want us well – so they can eat us.  In a season that already seems to have plenty of political subtext (with Dick Roman and all) one wonders about this subtext.  It wasn’t that long ago that many citizens rose up to demand that they be provided with shelter, food, and care.  But no one can get something for nothing.  Do we really expect to be given everything with nothing asked in return?  That certainly makes the Leviathan extra creepy – they’ll give us everything we want, as long as they get to eat us (just as we do for cattle).  The real dilemma is: how is that a bad thing?

A few slight flaws kept this from being the five shell perfection it almost reached.


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