Episode Review – Repo Man

(Sorry everyone for the delay, I’ve had horrific computer issues of late.)


Eh… was a pretty good episode.




Oh alright.

This was an episode that would have been a lot stronger had the CW not given away the major plot point in teasers for it.  Still, it was interesting to see repercussions of the Winchesters’ actions and the aftermath of them.  Again, this theme and storyline would have made a better plot for season 6.

(Yes, I know I’ve said that a lot lately and some might ask, ‘I thought you complained that 6 had too many plotlines’.  Whenever I say the above, I’m assuming that just that, maybe one other plotline, is being used; not EVERY suggestion.)

Typically with these possession stories, we find that it’s either an innocent possessed (i.e. Exorcist) or a worse person possessing the demon (i.e. an episode of Angel), so kudos to SPN for finding a new take on a story.  Although I found the idea of the innocent corrupted and “turned” by a demon to be just a bit of a cop out.  Supernatural has, at times, gone back and forth on the morality of fighting demons: how much effort should be spent to save the host?  I can’t quite shake the feeling this episode was an attempt to justify all the people Sam & Dean have ganked with Ruby’s knife or the Colt.  One of the things I used to love about SPN was its puzzle aspect.  It would have been neat to see the guys involved work on a solution to forcing the demon into Jeffery and then stab him with the knife, killing two birds with one stone.

Still, has this been two weeks in a row now we’ve had a solution to a problem be just a regular old-fashioned bullet?  Heh.


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