2 Episode Reviews for the price of 1

The Slice Girls

Well for once Sam wasn’t the one that slept with a monster.  And as we all know, that means the monster gets to live.

Also, for those playing the “predecessor” drinking game, the good mayor from Buffy the Vampire Slayer guest starred.  And the monster effects this week seem to be drawn from the vampires of CW’s other show: Vampire Diaries.

Glad they still haven’t answered whether Bobby is still watching over the boys or not and I hope they never do.

All in all this was… an ok episode.  Now, I know I’ve said more than once (though maybe not on here) that one of the things that attracts me to SPN is its black and white views which are so refreshing in a post-modern society.  But… sometimes it would be dramatic and interesting to see a bit more complication.  That they were “not human” at all – rather than just humans on a variant of magical steroids or something – was disappointing.  Heck, I’d like to see the Amazons be a season arc threat.  I mean… why were these girls going after successful men?  Yes I know it’s a cliché that chicks dig money and all but part of that is so the offspring have plenty of resources when being raised.  Why do Amazons care about rich dudes, especially if the offspring are going to up and kill them later?  If anything, hunters make the ideal “prey”/”target” for the Amazons – the guys are usually strong, fast, and have to be fairly crafty if they’re going to survive any length of time.  Things which – if the Amazons are the warriors they’re supposed to be – would make them very appealing to the chicks.  Maybe even make it more complex with maybe the Amazons hunting other monsters in order that they can locate sleeping partners (maybe even save a guy – that will really get him to sleep with ya).  Just… seems like there’s a thousand ways this show could run with the idea introduced this episode (even more than usual) and seems a shame to spoil them.

(Debate topic: Am I the only one who thought Katie Cassidy [ruby #1 from season 3] would have actually made a really awesome Amazon?)

Plucky Pennywhistle’s Magic Menagerie

Am I the only one that thought the opening to this episode was very reminiscent of Yellow Fever?

What is there to say about this episode?  Well it had an alternate intro, but not quite different enough to break our “alt rule”*.  It was nice to see the boys actually defeat a witch for once (if he really counts as a witch) though they kind of did so by magic as well so… should the guys be killed under their own sense of justice?  Could be an interesting dilemma for Dean.

I did like that the guy wasn’t out and out evil this episode, but thought he was doing the right thing.  Could be interesting to see more of a villain who gets ideas from children.  That would have improved season 6, if we saw Eve gathering children (human children) together and taking their ideas for monsters as suggestions.  Or maybe we’ll get to see Leviathan cook up schemes drawn from kids’ imaginations. (heaven help us if Dick Roman finds Axe Cop)


2 fairly standard episodes in a row.  Looks like this season is stacking up to be one of steady quality (at least we don’t have anything as bad as Caged Heat).  After all this, I almost wish they would go back and remake season 6.  Seems they’ve at least learned their lessons from it.


*Whenever the SPN intro is drastically different – the episode will be one of the most awesome ones ever.


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