Episode Review – Time After Time

Sometimes it’s hard not to get just a little paranoid that either of my readers work for the show as almost every complaint I had last week was “resolved” this week.

We actually see the boys doing their own work!  Badass Elliot Ness (played by Nicholas Lea, aka Alex Krycek for a brain bending meta moment) is doing the job because it has to be done!  Heck, he even calls out Dean for being just a bit too whiny.

To quote myself from two posts back:

Lorewise, I did appreciate this book hinting that SPN could do a dozen spin-off shows of hunters across lands and cultures (possibly even time).

And this episode definitely makes one wish that we had a show of just 1944 Ness being a hunter (would have been an awesome season 6).  One wonders if he took on the mob just for a vacation.  It is kind of a shame that Dean didn’t think to leave info on Leviathans for himself & Sam & Bobby back in the ’40s, but it’s not a bit deal.  The writers wisely put Dean on a ticking clock plot, which generally helps excuse characters from thinking through all possibilities.

Above average episode, and gives one hope that the season can finish out on a high note.


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