Episode Review – Adventures in Babysitting


Don’t get me wrong, the episode wasn’t horrible but what can I say about it that I haven’t said several times already?

Again, it is nice to see them folding bits of this season’s arc into the monster of the week episodes, this is a great touch that would have made season 5 spectacular had it been done there.  If anything this season, they are doing the arc right.

On one level, I kind of get Dean’s continued railing about the hunter life.  On the other, it passes right into character stupidity level.  Dean should know that being “innocent” is no guarantee against the monsters of the world.  Watching his dealings with the girl in this episode was kind of like watching a cop/soldier ordering someone to not learn self-defense.  (in my experience, it’s the opposite, few people encourage self-defense MORE than a cop or soldier)

Speaking of the girl & her father… so in season 5, I frequently griped that we didn’t see the boys at least make a token effort to build an army to fight Satan (or talk about it beyond one or two episodes).  This season the threat is one that requires more subtlety and subterfuge, so it makes some sense for the brothers to keep their recruitment efforts low.


We don’t even have to see it, just a side mention like, “Thanks for saving me, Dean, and I’ll keep an eye out for those Leviathan.”  Or even a “Whatever you do, don’t vote for Dick Roman.”  “Watch what you eat.”  Instead… now what?  How’s the girl going to go to Stanford if the Leviathan win?

One of my favorite scenes from Men In Black is outside the Jewelry store, where K explains to J the mission.  As Tommie Lee Jones points out, the Earth is always on the verge of being destroyed, what keeps humanity going is not being aware of it.  Now the morality of information is a debate without limits and increasing relevance in our present time, but what separates MiB from SPN in this regards is that the citizens in MiB cannot make any difference with regards to Earth’s destruction.  In SPN, not just citizens, but the other hunter especially can make a difference with fighting the Leviathan.  Heck, a plot point in this episode was some hunters getting in trouble because of incorrect information.  So maybe you want to share more information with them, Dean, to keep this from happening again?  If the characters are going to continue on like this, we need at least a lampshade hanging on why.

Frank is… ok as a character, but it’s just tiring to see him take over the role of “plot hole Spackle” that Bobby vacated.  Show the boys doing work.  We know they can!  If something’s beyond their skills (like hacking the security feed) THEN you bring in an ally like Frank but they should be rare appearances and a last resort, not a major cast member.

Lorwise: silver knife to the heart and twist makes me wonder why silver bullets won’t work, especially since modern guns spin the bullets, so they would “twist” when hitting a heart.  That would have been a nice touch in this, the girl saving them with a sniper shot, pointing out the aforementioned fact.  Also, why don’t the guys use concealed weapons more? (they used to)  At some point I’m wondering why they don’t walk in, brandishing a knife in their left hand, then when they’re thrown against a wall with that neck & wrist grab, reveal concealed knife in right hand and stabby stabby.  Oh wait, the girl ended up doing that!  (And don’t even get me started on the Matrix – that should have been an entry on this list: no concealed weapons)

Also, I’m still hating their car.  It sucks.  So much.


Still, a pretty average episode over all.


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