Episode Review – How to Win Friends and Influence Monsters

Quote of the Night: “I have now officially seen it all.  He’s making the doctor eat himself.” -Bobby.

It’s episodes like this one which make me just a bit paranoid that the show creators are reading my blog.

What have been my most reoccurring complaints lately? (besides no Impala)  1) Not enough research and 2) Using Bobby too much as a crutch.

This episode?  Not only do we get to see the guys actually put some leg & brain work in, but Bobby dies.

Like… really dies.  All signs in the episode point to deader than dead (0th law of Supernatural – A character that just recently started acting more badass than usual is about to die for real.)

Other thoughts:

  • Leviathan seem to be running a slower, more methodical plan to conquer the world (and have some kind of long game) whereas Satan just wanted to destroy it all.  I like the contrast between the two, and while Lucifer’s motivations made sense, I’m curious if we’ll find out what Leviathan’s long term goal is. (or is it just to turn the entire world into a cattle pasture for them to feed on?)
  • So it looks like the only way to kill one for good is by eating: either another has to eat it or it has to eat itself to death.
  • Dick ROMAN?  Seriously, the Leviathan taking over everything is named DICK ROMAN?  I know Supernatural hasn’t always been subtle with some of its conventions, naming, etc but egads!
  • What is up with his “persona” being a supporter of the 2nd amendment?  With Lucifer it could be understood: no gun can kill him and he wants humans (controlled zombie like or not) killing each other off as much as possible.  Not only is a squirt gun (filled with soap) a threat to Dick, but if you want a docile, easily controlled population, arming them is not a good idea.
  • One of the things I’ve loved about SPN is that it usually kept politics “in its place”.  I mean, who cares whether democrat or republican is elected when… you know… Satan’s running loose.  Here, it was somewhat hard to take that video seriously as “this person has a lot of influence” when it so did not match our reality.  Didn’t these people see Obama’s election?  The aggressive, “dog-eat-dog” campaign style hasn’t seemed that very popular in politics of late.  Since a guy running on “Hope” and “Yes we can” just won by one of the larger margins since Reagan, it seems a bit of a stretch to buy from the show that a “if you wanna win, you gotta be the shark” is going to be such a popular guy (especially when corporations are persona non grata right now).  But this isn’t a deal breaker for me, I’m still interested in where they’re going to go with it.

And for those of the drinking game, we not only have a bit of a tribute to Pestilence’s preparing a nationwide infection, but the mains charging into a warehouse containing the main part of said plan to rescue people, also.  So 2 drinks.  As for the total score?

The downsides of this episode weren’t enough to knock off the general positives.  And – while I hate to see him go – the death of Bobby should ultimately be a net positive for the writing.  It’s time for the boys to be on their own again.  Final stretch boys, let’s save the world.


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