Episode Review – Time for a Wedding

Quote of the Night: “This isn’t Wall Street, this is Hell!  We have integrity.” – Crowley*

Runner up: “Shouldn’t she ask me for permission or something.” -Dean

*Although it is kind of funny because Wall Street should technically have “integrity” for the same reason Crowley talks about here: Consumer Confidence.  But we can talk more economics in the comments if anybody wants to.

Once upon a time I said that if SPN had an altered title sequence, it was usually a sign that the episode was going to be really great.

This time… the title sequence was slightly longer with a different opening while finishing the same.  Which means the rule holds true: we get an episode better than usual, but still not as great as Changing Channels or Clap Your Hands if You Believe.

Up until now I’ve been very curious about something in the show.  One of the problems about a show going on for too long is… let’s call it the Weight of Narrative (WoN): It’s always proportional to the total time the show has run and puts pressure upon the audiences’ suspension of disbelief.  In SPN’s particular case, the big question WoN develops is: why isn’t there more effort to kill the Winchesters?  Forget just Becky, why not get a demon to hop in a hottie and drug the boys with love potions?  (think how often Dean drinks contents brought by cute waitresses)  Boom: even if you don’t get them killed, you have them out of the way for the rest of their lives.  Or why didn’t they try the body swapping trick a 2nd time in season 5? (perhaps with a more mature witch that won’t flake out on Lucifer)  Despite their normal risk, it really seems like a focused, concentrated effort to remove them from “the hunt” would eventually be successful.  Thankfully, both seasons have now answered this.  6: Castiel kept that off the table.  7: Crowley wants them active, and going after Leviathan.  I liked that and liked that they got this answer out of the way without going too much further into the season.  It’s also a nice touch of character growths that neither side has really proposed working with the other, they’ve just sworn off interfering… for now.  And kudos to the makeup team for making Crowley actually look  old and worn – way to show us how things have been taking a toll on everyone.

I liked the new crossroads demon – though I am tired that deals ALWAYS have to be sealed with a kiss (the only exception seems to be Lilith and that was just hinted at, we’re not sure if it’s true).  I’ve always wanted each demon to have its own “style” of sealing.  Though I did like that this one’s eyes were all red instead of just iris + pupil and his very cat-like quote (think Red Dwarf) made me smile.

All in all a good episode, and I laughed plenty (especially when Becky hit Sam with the waffle iron Dean had bought).  I was thrilled to see DJ Qualls as Garth – I’ve generally enjoyed his work and he’s always a bright spot in even the most dismal pieces – here was no exception.  He knocked it out of the park and (for once) gave us a look at a different style of hunting (something I also thought the show needed more of).  Not only am I hopeful that he & Becky end up together, but maybe if a season 8 happens, it will be Garth & Becky on the road instead of Dean & Sam.

Nothing quite memorable or exceptional enough to warrant that last shell.  Oh, that and STILL NO IMPALA.  Is this… going to be a permanent change?

No real tallies from the drinking game.  Although Becky has “broken up” with Sam before to get with another man so… \~/ Let’s all assume it was a happy ending for everyone.


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