Episode Review – Defending your Life

Oh hey it’s…

A perfectly acceptable episode. (readas: mediocre)

Lorewise it’s interesting to see a sort of return to power of the old pagan gods.  After suffering from some villain decay and standardization in Hammer of the Gods (which, while kind of cool in its own way, did cause a lot questions on how things fit with pagan gods in general).  Faran Tahir did a good acting job, though I was disappointed we didn’t see him utilize an actual scale or other tools.  Although, I could have sworn Sam was feeling some guilt over his actions as Robo!Sam, I guess the memories of Hell washed that out of him.

As a character study… It was somewhat interesting that most of Dean’s guilt seemed to come from his actions “post” hell (perhaps an echo of Sam’s current feelings?) but I was disappointed we only saw 2 real issues: Jo and Amy (plus that they couldn’t get Jewel to reprise her role for one more episode).  Still, it was this episode that really crystallized what I disliked so much about the previous episode.

Look, I know that conflict is important, and you should have conflict on at LEAST 3 levels (especially in TV/Movies).  And so I get that the show does kind of need interpersonal conflict between the brothers.  But the ENTIRE last 5 seasons have been an arc of character of BOTH brothers learning that they don’t really need to hide things from family.  Season 6 was a step back but I was hoping – at the start – season 7 was going to move on from this tired ground and actually examine some new conflict or tension between the bros.


Everything’s pretty good between the two of them, so Dean has to run off and do something Sam doesn’t like so now he has some (in context, sort of minor) secret to hide from Sammy.  Everything else new they’ve done this season; new threat, loss of a close ally (another reason Bobby should have died), new mental problems, etc etc, the writers have to give us more of the same?  Heck, I was often annoyed in season 5 that we didn’t have more tension between the brothers on possible tactics dealing with Satan.  Once again, the show makers could fix this in season 7 by having the brothers argue over what they’re going to do about Leviathan. (kind of the conflict in season 4, but they could take it in a new direction this time)

Over all:

A completely average episode.


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