Episode Review – Hello Cruel World

Sometimes, in private moments, I like to imagine that while I don’t have many readers, one or two of the dozen are writers from the actual show.  It’s not helped when it looks like season 7 is going to fix some of the biggest complaints I had about season 6.

Now in case someone from CW is reading: if you had the episodes UP ON THE WEBSITE SOONER, we fans wouldn’t be so tempted to seek out our shows via less “legal” means.  Yes there’s a certain poetry to SPN’s seventh season having it’s first two episodes on the night of Innistrad’s prerelease and release, but not a lot of shops play it while you’re there!



I always had a feeling that Grey’s Anatomy and its ilk would cause the destruction of civilization, but I would have never guessed via inspiring monsters.

And from this episode we have a new SPN drinking game!  Every time you find something season 7 has in common with season 3 – take a shot.

No really, let’s count the ways.

  • Group of demons released from hell vs group of monsters released from purgatory
  • How do we stop mass demons (remember that at the time, there was no knife and the Colt was spent of bullets) vs how do we stop mass leviathan
  • How do we find who’s possessed by a demon vs… how do we find who’s possessed by a leviathan
  • Hell’s most wanted vs purgatory’s most wanted

The big difference this time is that 7 looks like they’re going to try and fix the mistakes they made in season 3.  First step is that they made the story engine for this season’s arc one with a lot of horsepower.  We don’t know what leviathan want or even like to do, and the longer they go unchecked the worse it will get.  And the Winchesters are fast running out of allies.  In season 3, they had started out with demons being just a little too powerful, forcing the Winchesters to get Ruby’s knife and the Colt fixed up just to level the playing field.  Here, while the leviathan are powerful, they are also more limited than demons, requiring a liquid medium to travel through (rather than just air), being a bit ignorant of the world they’re in and having needs/desires they must satiate or struggle to control.  While things look bad for the boys, there is still just a sliver of hope for them.  It’s not much, but that’s what makes good suspense.

The big riddle will be: is Bobby alive or is he now leviathan as well? (I’m actually kind of hoping that he’s now the “head” levi and will be the big bad for this season – I’d like to see Jim Beaver stretch his acting chops.)  What’s even funnier is that it seems very likely that the boss of leviathan is Eve/Echidna (she matches their descriptions, also has shapeshifting traits) – which just gets even funnier with the mother-of-all being in the surrogate father’s body.  As for Misha Collins… I admit I wasn’t concerned when it was “leaked” onto the internet that he was being “demoted” to guest star from regular cast member; after all, Jim Beaver has been a “guest star” since his first appearance and that hasn’t hindered his appearances in the show in the least.  Well I was wrong and it looks like we have to say goodbye to him.  You were awesome, dude – I look forward to seeing you in some great projects in the future (like Batman – seriously, be Batman).  Lore-wise… I was somewhat disappointed.  I was hoping that after his first (or second) resurrection, Castiel had been given a modified vessel/body like Anna possessed, that Jimmy Novik could be laid to rest and his soul had long been in Heaven (followed by the revelation that the “modified” vessel COULD hold the leviathan).  Still, I hope he’s at peace now.

I was hoping that we’d have a decentralized challenge (again).  Perhaps a season long ordeal where for an episode or three the brothers struggle to uncover what one leviathan is up to, and then move on to the next one (until the season/series concludes with the biggest, strongest and worst of them).  But (as always) instead we get that these creatures also have a boss; which gives the writers an “out” – the boys just have to kill the “end boss” to win.  So how can the guys possibly do that?

  1. Something will turn up – Dean & Sam will have to go on a trip and hunt for previously unmentioned artifacts and/or rituals that can stop the leviathan.  Odds of this?  Highly likely.
  2. Re-imprison – Somewhat related to #1, except we know they can open the door to purgatory (and have an idea how)… it just requires an eclipse.  I doubt Death or God are going to be in the mood to just cause one every time the boys grab one of the levis.  And if that won’t happen, what’s next?  Jail the leviathan until the next eclipse?  Good luck.  Somewhat likely.
  3. Make something new – You know what fascinates me a lot in these tales?  How did all this stuff come about?  How did the first hunter figure out you could use salt to ward off ghosts?  Where did Samuel Colt get the idea that making a special gun beneath Haley’s Comet would let him kill [nearly] everything?  How did the rituals for summoning or banishing or whatever get written?  And don’t get me started on Ruby’s knife… (why the hell aren’t hunters like… mass producing those things?  or trying to?)  What I’d LOVE to see this season is for the boys to research and develop a solution/weapon to this leviathan problem.  We’ve kind of had one bit of this process (with Dean naming the “Jefferson Starships”) so can we now see the other?  Their names are WINCHESTER for Jabootu’s sake, let’s see them make a damn gun!  Moderate.
  4. God and/or Death will step in – Death’s already been called in and isn’t happy with them, while God has proven that He prefers for us to solve our own problems (as usual), else how will we grow up?  Very unlikely.
  5. Release Lucifer & Micheal from the cage – There are no more archangels and even regular angels seems to have had their ranks decimated with everything going on lately.  While this would ruin a lot of the story and effort that went into season 5, I admit that some primal part of me is kind of giddy at the thought of Sam becoming Lucifer, Dean becoming Michael and the brothers (both pairs) uniting to bring down the leviathan in a massive brawl.  (Yes, it’s the same part of me that sometimes enjoys DragonballZ.)  Highly unlikely.
  6. Woodchipper – Rufus said last season that a woodchipper trumps everything.  We’ll see the boys hook it up to the back of their car and then drive around the nation, finding these things and tossing them in.  Impossible.

Decent exploration of the lore, genuine tension, better characters…

I still almost hate to, but objectively I’ve got to give this “second part” of the premiere the same rating as the “first” one.

Keep this up, we’ll have season 3 AND 6 washed from our psyches.


3 thoughts on “Episode Review – Hello Cruel World

  1. Y U NO come to II anymore?! I hate admitting this, but I miss having you around. The walls are bare without those ponies all over the place.

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