Straight speaking

Yeah… I need to work on this too.  Like… ya feelin’ me?


4 thoughts on “Straight speaking

  1. Hmmm… I dunno how good that sketch was, technically.

    Could’ve used another couple of ‘you knows’, and some other stuff, I think. A bit more structure in terms of stepping up the comedy story gradually (eg, graduating from ‘ I kept expecting and waiting for things that didn’t happen.

    In terms of content, though, he definitely got his point across.

    I’d love to see this sketch done waaaaay more inarticulately, and watch the audience as they recognise that a) they get what he means even though he’s not talking and b) they talk like that, too, and c) this is a sad state of things. (The last’d need a little pushing through what he’s actually saying, though.)

    It’d be great if he’d finished with that final, strong statement, and then threw in, a beat later, ‘you know?’ I’m not sure about how effective it would’ve been, but it sure as heck woulda been funny.

      • Then again, it depends on what he’s trying to do–make a point or make ’em laugh. Personally, I don’t think you should sacrifice comedy on the altar of the message. The comedy alone should get it across, or it’s not good enough. It’s like (not) using dialogue tags.

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