Episode Review – The Man Who Would Be King

Oh my goodness!

Could it be?  GOOD character drama!


See, SPN?  This is what I know you can do when you apply yourself.  Yes, part of me is happy that they’re kind of fixing a lot of canon with Castiel in this episode.  Like… I never believed Crowley had the power to raise pseudo!Sam or Granddad.  But Castiel?  Just about right for the power level.  Also nice to see him smiting like he should this time instead of just stealing bones.

Part of me is sad to see Alsworth go… but he was so 1-note parody/joke that I’m glad they didn’t drag him out.

I liked the choice imagery of the past with Dean on one side, Crowley on the other.  That’s how you do “demon/angel-on-your-shoulder” subtly.

But I have a question:

What about the souls in heaven?

Think about it: so angels use souls to… do stuff apparently (I look at it like angel steroids).  So, Crowley is willing to provide the souls of Hell… why doesn’t Castiel put out a call in heaven for souls to help him?  If 50k is all he needs to knock Raphael on his ass, then there are presumed billions that can be used in heaven and I’m pretty sure that even if a fraction agreed to help him, Castiel would have enough juice to beat Raphael decisively.  What makes the plan even better is that humans understand freedom.  We have a long and rich history (well… maybe not that long) of fighting for it and desiring it.  You’re telling me Castiel can’t find a few million souls willing to help him out?  I call B.S.

Some of the theology… yeah might be dubious at best, but I liked the examination of deeper themes.  How good intentions can so lead us wrong.  That we should always be careful about using the ends to justify our means.

Of course I laughed a bit at Crowley’s talk about “the new God and the new Devil”.  And I appreciated that someone finally acknowledged the previous season!  (yes I am talking about Crowley’s rant about not underestimating the boys)

Excellent character study… good moments…

Keep it up people!

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