Episode Review – Mommy Dearest

Oh my goodness!

See, Supernatural?  See how good you can be when you actually start giving a shit?

It’s like this whole episode was one big apology for Caged Heat (which was on my mind since I found Das Mervin’s discussion about it today).  Let’s see here… in what way was this episode good while Caged Heat sucked?

  • Castiel acting less like a human and more angel-like (you know – reflecting his character growth).
  • Sam & Dean SHOWING SOME FORESIGHT and PLANNING AHEAD like they used to (I almost cheered when Eve Echidna started burning).
  • Logical character motivation.
  • Good humor, kick ass action scenes and some actual cooperation by people involved.
  • Killing a demon by burning the bones is stupid?  Ok!  Crowley’s still alive!

I was pleased to see that the boys’ mom was an imitation – not the “real thing” which some rumors were floating around about.  Though I wish the babe they had playing Eve Echidna could have carried the scene.  Maybe it was beyond the actress’s ability, but I would have liked to have seen it.

I think I’m going to label decapitation as “the woodchipper solution”.  Since a woodchipper kills pretty much anything, when in doubt: through something in it.  However, if none are available, decapitate the thing instead – that’s also highly likely to work.  Or slow it down at least.  Still, seems like these things should be vulnerable to silver.  They have traits of shapeshifters and wraiths which are both silver intolerant.  Do the vampire traits really cancel that out?

And kudos to the show for giving us a glimpse into how Eve Echidna breeds monsters.  I liked that touch and opens up possible stories and “fan fics” about her past and the firstborn.

Though can we please have someone reference the previous season?  It doesn’t have to be all the time but when Crowley or ‘Mom’ is demanding the boys work for them, why can’t Dean or Sam say, “We turned down Lucifer and Michael.  What makes you think we’ll agree to help you?”

It is a shame that Mom is out of play now.  I was kind of intrigued at an all out world-wide turf war in a (literally) post-apocalypse world.

So… even though I’m still kind of mad at season 6… under my standards I can’t help but grade this episode as:


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